Monday, April 6, 2015

Little Confirmations Here and There

Good Monday morning!  This is my first day where I don't have an exact schedule to follow.  I need to go pick up some solar lanterns we ordered but maybe that can wait till later or another day this week.  I still have to pinch myself in the mornings to believe I get to wake up to such a beautiful sight of God's creation.  The horses that live behind us are in the pasture closest to our back deck, so it has been delightful to watch them eat and then canter about.  On their own.  It must be the cooler temps that keep them lively.  It is doing that for me.  My search has been about finding my essential oils that I know made it here but have since disappeared.  I put them someplace safe.  My hope is that they didn't get thrown away by accident since they were in a Whole Foods paper sack.

Little by little things are finding their right place and for those things that I haven't a clue about, off into a closet until further notice.  The biggest task at hand is my closet.  There is much to be done and organized.

Don't you love those little confirmations that the Lord gives?  I didn't get up for the sunrise service but had my own little service here at the house.  As I got ready, the web cast of Houston's First played and soon it was time to leave for Sunday School and Sunday School starts at 9:45.  Hallelujah!  Yes, it is still called Sunday School here so I'm not constantly correcting myself to use the relevant term.  I went to a ladies class and enjoyed it.   The ladies genuinely liked one another.  I learned two things yesterday.  In Bible times, when the lambs were born, the shepherds caught them and didn't let them touch the dirt.  Immediately the lambs were wrapped in swaddling.  So the angel told them the great good news in terms that they would understand.  The teacher said they tell this story when you go to the shepherd fields in Bethlehem but I must have missed that both times I have been there.  The other thing that I brought home in my heart was during prayer time as they discussed a woman who had recently passed away and wondered out loud if she had anyone left family wise.  I think I might be the only person near by that isn't related by blood or marriage to someone at church because it seems that way in their talking.  The teacher prayed and she used the term 'belong.'  We all belong to someone and others belong to us which includes not only family but friends.  I've never heard it put quite that way but it is going to become a part of my vocabulary.  The ladies in that class gave another confirmation with the temps outside in the low 40's, not one of them came in with a coat and as soon as they possible could, they took off the jacket that went with their outfit declaring, it is too hot to be wearing a jacket.  I think I will fit in just fine.  An added bonus, I came home with a Quarterly.  Wow, it has been sometime since I've had one of those.  We are in the Minor Prophets but had a two week trip to Luke for Easter it looks like.  The message by Pastor Jeff was good, Empty Promises, an empty cross, an empty grave and empty clothes.  When he used a story about Nordstrom and their renown for customer service as a pivotal illustration for the Easter story, I knew God had placed us at the right church.

Vivian and Bill invited me to their Easter lunch with family and I had a blast.  I also received an invite from another church member to join them for lunch.  Wow!  Anyway, we enjoyed a delicious feast of Easter favorites and had a great time of visiting and telling stories over dessert, which by the way was awesome.  Don't be jealous but I had a little of all.  That included Italian Creme Cake, lemon pie and strawberry pudding which had angel food cake in it.  Yum!

I thought for sure I would take a nap but upon arriving home, I began to do a few things to contribute to the arrangement and organization of the house.  Not too much, because I promised it would be a day of rest after a very busy and full week.

It does feel good to be able to sit down and write a few words.  I missed doing that last week.  I better get moving to get some stuff accomplished today.

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