Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Refrigerator, Mary Broke A Glass

Got the Lowe's early morning wake up call but this time with good news that our refrigerators will be delivered today.  They don't know what time yet but it will be nice to have non frozen food to eat.  Even at the lowest temp in the refrigerator part, it is way too cold.  I mean, I like crispy lettuce but frozen just isn't good.

Yesterday, Vivian introduced us to a wonderful place in Hendersonville, A Day in the Country.  In this house is lots of shopping that appeals to everyone's taste in jewelry, home decor, food...just all kinds of unique items.  Before we shopped we decided to fuel up at the little restaurant there.  Oh.My. Goodness.  For my Houston friends it would be a cross between Tiny Boxwood, Ashland House and The Bistro at The Nord.  I had the chicken salad with tomato basil soup which was so yummy!  We split a piece of Lemon Curd Cake and it was slap your mamma good!  I can't wait to take friends there especially Dena but we will have to get her past all the jewelry before we can eat.  I was telling Roy about it and he would love the food but hate that it feels like a ladies who lunch place, so we decided we would get the food to go and have a picnic.  Judy and I loved it!  Judy is in my SS class so I had fun getting to know her.  Our next trip is going to be to Cade's Cove.  I've read and heard about it but never have been there.  The girls liked my driving and Sequisha is such a comfortable ride so for this next trip I will supply the gasoline and car and they will be in charge of the picnic lunch.  I am getting the better end of the deal.

Yea!  Lowe's just called and they will be here between 12:00-2:00.  They just called again, now it is between 10:00-12:00.  That's even better.

I've written this before but it bears repeating, the pace of life here is more serene and peaceful yet the time goes by so quickly.  I will be involved in a project only to look at my watch and see it has become afternoon.  For the past couple of weeks as spring is showing off the deep greens and colors, I have looked at a couple of our trees and thought, I think they must be dead but the trees just like so much of everything have the slower pace of budding and blooming.  I have learned not to cut back the Hydrangeas because the new growth draws nourishment from those dead looking stalks.  Some of the shrubs around the deck looked dead to me as well and I am so happy that I asked around about these trees and shrubs because that is when I learned the timing of spring in these parts.  It gets so warm so quickly in Houston that everything bursts into spring very quickly while around here it is a metronome beat more like a saunter.  The view from the front porch changes every day.  We have a big fir tree beside our driveway and it must be like a condo for birds.  I think there might be several nests and it looks as if the birds enjoy the lyrical movement of the tree in the wind.  In the late afternoon it seems the birds are singing the most and the loudest.  For the first time I saw a blur of a yellow colored bird.  Nerd Nancy needs to pull out her Carolina bird book. There is a fascinating view from just about every window and the wild life, the outdoors kind, thank you very much, keeps me quite enthralled.

The refrigerator delivery was quite the ordeal.  All this time I have been thinking the small refrigerator delivery would be the most complicated part but the width of doors here isn't consistent and the delivery guys had to take out and then bring in the refrigerators through the front door...which means across the front porch and through the unyielding path of ups and downs, complete with ants, from the driveway to the front porch.  Wow, they did great but it took a lot of twisting and turning to get things settled.  They were the nicest men and I gave them a tip and the last of my Goode Company Pecan Pies.  It took almost two hours but everything got moved in and they left.  I had a bunch of paperwork to take care of and then I was off to The Fresh Market...but there sat the Lowe's truck along the side of the road.  I went over to see what happened.  They had been telling those in charge that the brakes were just about shot on the truck and as they were going down our steep road, the casing fell off and slashed their right tire.  The other guy had gone to get a rental truck and the tow truck was coming for the Lowe's truck.  Gee whiz!  Glad their brakes held on our driveway.  When I returned from The Fresh Market, they were just leaving in the rental truck for the rest of their deliveries.  Going to be a long day for them.  That pecan pie is going to taste really good tonight.

I learned a new way to The Fresh wasn't too scenic but it was quite industrial.  Saw some railroad tracks I would like Roy to take photos of.  Roy is kind of ticked right now at a well meaning person saying things about our decision of me moving up to NC and eventually, several more years down the road, Roy retiring and joining me here.  Only, they made it sound to be a much sooner happening more than later to someone at Roy's office.  He is not a happy camper right now.  I know I continue to write this almost every time on the blog, but I cannot express how much better I feel up here.  The amount of energy I have, should I say it?  It's amazing but not amazing, amazing.  Well yet.  I put on a pair of shoes this morning that have been tight in the past because of the fluid I retained due to poor circulation.  Dang it if those shoes are very loose and I was unable to wear them today because they kept falling off my feet.  Roy has certainly afforded me this opportunity to recover and have a life outside of our home.  I am so grateful for his sacrifice and I am so thankful to the Lord for His healing hand.

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Jennifer said...

I am drooling over that lunch! I miss Ashland Houses' chicken salad. Such a fun place to go with delicious food