Saturday, April 25, 2015

Two Days of Stuff

The morning temps have just now reached the 40's and no I am not complaining.  This time I took the freeze warning seriously and covered some plants with the heavy moving blanket that Lowe's left here accidentally.  I have uncovered my plants and put the blanket back on the front porch for them to pick up if and when they deliver to our area.  The doves must be building a nest.  They are hard at work in the back picking up building material while mama cardinal eats the birdseed that has fallen to the ground out of the feeder.  These birds around here are fast flyers.

Even before the new table gets here I have decided it is going elsewhere in the house.  So that means I need to unload a bookcase, move it and load it back up again,  I shouldn't have started thinking about doing that right before going to bed because the unusual happened that I didn't fall asleep the minute my head hit the pillow.

The blueberry/lemon scone made a delicious breakfast.  These scones are huge!  But I think about eating salad last night and everything fits into place.

A month ago today, the movers were at the house packing things up and getting furniture and boxes in the ready position.  It is hard to believe we are nearing our first month of our new normal.  In Robin Blu yesterday, I arrived at a slow time at the store.  It wasn't ten minutes later that the store was filled with shoppers.  The lady working at the counter was very interesting.  She worked for Disney for 34 years doing graphic design work.  She only left when Disney downsized its workforce and she has done a little bit of everything since that moving from California to Florida with Disney and to North Carolina after she retired, not knowing a soul.  She and her husband have done the antique business thing and she has freelanced design work.  Now, to keep current and get out and about she works part time at the shop.  Really, Robin Blu is a must stop just because they carry such cute inventory but in that ten minutes we briefly shared our stories of coming to the mountains.  After hearing my journey, she was quick to add, someone or something must have been looking out for you because if I knew then what I know now, we would have settled down and lived in a different area.  Sounds like they live in a higher elevation.  I was able to share with her it was God watching over us and leading us...She didn't really want to hear about God but He is my story and I must include His watch care and leading in it.  Especially since she asked me so many questions about my heart and she marveled at my coloring and radiance.  Thankfully, it was one of those days that I didn't break out into a hot sweat because the lights in that store are so hot...the only radiance then is the glistening of sweat drops.  Of course I panic because I think they think...I must be shoplifting to break out in that kind of sweat.  I haven't included a good old sweat story in a while here on the old Monablog and it felt like it was time.

Of course the above was written yesterday morning and I didn't have a chance to come back and complete it.  I got to working out back while the temps were really cool and the bumble bees weren't hanging around.  I got three rail boxes done.  Then, I decided another trip to Lowe's was in order.  Originally it was to get a few more plants for the boxes but they had already mixed containers of geraniums with other plants, so I went with that.  I made a quick stop in at Walz-Mart for salad, DC, and a two quart pitcher.

The weather being so nice called for another afternoon of sitting on the front porch watching cars go by and cows go moo.  This morning it is overcast and it has been raining.  I am noticing a few flowers blooming on the tiered area of the backyard and most of them are yellow.  I didn't know that when I picked yellow flowers for the rail box.

I have several projects on the schedule today and then tonight is the Women's Ministry event.  I am looking forward to it.  This week I became FB friends with several from church.  Oh and I need to read my SS lesson.  I keep forgetting to do that since I haven't had a quarterly for years.

The birds have kind of discovered the bird feeder.  They have discovered the seed that has fallen to the ground when the wind spins the feeder around.  Oh this news flash just in....some of the red headed wrens, sparrows and a yellow bird have discovered the feeder this morning.  The cardinal is watching it all but hasn't made his move to come on down.

If I don't get to moving, I will just sit here and watch birds all day...and there is nothing wrong with that but since I am in the home stretch of getting things arranged and put up, I move onward.

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