Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rainy Day Recap

Maybe, just maybe, we have seen all the rain for today.  Yesterday, was mostly rainy, constant but not heavy and this morning I heard just a little rumble of thunder before the rain came again.  I was awake early knowing that Lowe's would call around 7:00 am with news of our refrigerator...and they called but the refrigerator didn't make the truck.  He is going to call on Wednesday morning and hopefully delivery will come Wednesday or Thursday.  After taking the call, it was back to sleep.  We are eventually going to replace the current roof with a tin roof and when it is raining, I may never wake up.  It must be the combo of mountain air, mountain rain and using my mountain energy that gives me wonderful and deep sleep.  The sun just peeked out behind the clouds and looking up at the window on the stairs and through the lace curtains, the window looks like it is made from diamonds...but it is lingering rain drops.  No diamond windows here.

Being in new country is learning weather patterns.  In Houston winter weather comes from the north and sometimes west.  Summer most everything is coming up from the gulf that influences rain.  It seems to be a similar pattern here and even the predictions can be wrong, just like in Houston.  Even with all the rain, the soil here dries out much more quickly.  So that means if I am putting out more solar lights, today would be the day to do it.

Saturday, I stayed around home and like I have written before, even then the time went by so quickly. I was feeling a little weak on Saturday and took things easy.  Sunday morning was here before you knew it.  Got ready for SS and church.  Sunday was my first Sunday in the choir loft at Newfound and there is a universal truth, all choir lofts must be hot.  Thankfully, we do not wear choir robes and I am totally into my spring/summer wardrobe of linen, so the heat wasn't unbearable.  Another universal truth of church choirs, the altos have to be the friendliest and funniest in choir.  I have met some really nice altos and yes, I have met some really nice sopranos too...but the few, the proud, the altos have to stick together.  There aren't any back row altos because the bass and tenors sit on the back row.  We have three rows in the choir room and loft.  It was especially fun last night at practice to sit between two strong, music reading altos.  When that happens, I always sound better.  Ha!  We are singing We Believe next Sunday...I'm feeling at home.  One of my favorite songs of the evening was Alpha and Omega because the alto part is in the low range.  Bless those song writers!  And the Spanish in the song is not too hard either.  Come back to me high school Spanish....nope, it's gone.

Next Saturday evening is the Embrace Women's Ministry event and I am looking forward to going.  Gee, I haven't said that in a long time because most women's events are pretty much the same.  This one is different.  It is to help with medical expenses for a double transplant for one of the women in the church.  It is a dinner/spa night/silent auction thing.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun while helping someone.  When we first joined Newfound, I received a card and handwritten note from the WM that ministered to me in a profound way.  Word must have gotten out that I can't tie a bow or do the fruffy kind of things and for this I am grateful because based on observations, there are many talented women in the church who have mastered these talents.

Before leaving for choir practice Sunday evening, I saw something wonderfully and extraordinary out the back window.  The area above our deck is tiered with rocks for better water flow when it rains.  Above the tiered area is a gravel road which belongs to Jennifer who lives on the horse farm above me.  I don't know where the gravel road leads to on their property but there is a lot of animal life on that road.  Sunday evening I watched two young rabbits play.  Out in Rancho De Five we have lots of rabbits but these on Sunday were having the best time.  The only way to describe their play was one rabbit would charge at the other one like a bull to a matador and just when you thought they would collide, the one little bunny would hop over the charging one.  More like a big jump than a hop.   They played like that for quite a bit of time and I had a better view from the upstairs.  I had to get ready to leave but I could have watched them for as long as they were willing to play.

The bad weather went to the east and south of us and we had just a brief period of rain while the sun was shinning.

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