Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just Call Me Joanna Appleseed

When I woke up this morning it was 36 degrees.  I saw the frost warning last night and covered up my plants and brought the apple trees into the garage.  Since it is now 42 degrees, I think I will unwrap and take out the plants.  It is the end of April and I still haven't worn capris.  Yes!  This is so wonderful.

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, I tried to be out in it as much as possible.  My first stop Tractor Supply in search of a watering can and a small galvanized bucket.  She shoots and scores because they had what I was looking for.  I did take a moment to look at the fruit trees but they had peach and pear trees, no apple.  There was only one checkout line open, so it was a little wait but it didn't matter.  When it was my turn the guy at the register told me he liked my shirt.  Yes, I was all dolled out in a long sleeve LSU Tiger shirt.  He was from Baton Rouge, so we talked a little Tiger talk during the process.  While leaving he yelled out, 'you have a good day sweetie.'  I have been called sweetie a lot by women here but this is my first man sweetie.  He kind of put a little extra step in my day.  And yes, I told Roy about it last night...there is nothing to it all but he marvels at how many people have seen the light and moved to this area.  Next stop Ace Hardware for A/C filters and then grocery store.  I had planned to stop at Lowe's on the way home to look at their fruit trees but since I had some items that needed to be refrigerated, I kept on moving.  Roy called while I was home checking in on the apple tree process.  Just call me Joanna Appleseed.  Anyway, I gave my report and he encouraged me to go to Reems Creek Nursery before going to Lowe's.  I finished up my lunch and he texted me he had called Reems Creek, talked to Ruth and he gave me the names of the kind of trees I should buy.  So, off I go.  With the help of Jackie, we got two apple trees for cross pollination, loaded them up paid for them...and I was on my way.  I did stop at Lowe's for another hanging basket because I found the cutest little hanging basket stand at Ace Hardware.

When I got home I worked on the bird project for the top of the kitchen cabinets.  I had found these rustic/rusted bird silhouettes in the garden shop at the Biltmore.  They are too small to be seen without a little boost.  My friend Judy mentioned she had scrap wood in the basement for her grandchildren to build things and so I asked if I could have just a small scrap of a 2x4.  She brought it and a cedar piece on Sunday.   I arranged the birds on the wood and began attaching them.  It turned out really nice and I would put a picture on the blog but neither Roy nor I can remember the password, so the laptop won't let me in to pull pictures.

It is a wonder that I get anything accomplished because I am so mesmerized by the activity in the backyard.  More birds have found the feeder and I have seen a few more bunnies from a distance.  They mainly stay near the gravel road of my neighbors.  I think the little bird who thought he could has given up on the window and for this I am thankful.  Yesterday, on the way into town, I saw a horse lying on its side in a pasture.  Another horse stood nearby.  Now I have seen horses lie down but this looked like one dead horse to me.  It upset me so...and I'm thinking what can I do?  Yep, it is like those kinds of situations where we want to do something but have no expertise to be helpful like the times I have been in the audience at church and see a choir member faint.  I step into the aisle like I'm going to rush the stage and it dawns on me...what the heck am I thinking?  There are nurses in the choir and strong men to help the lady out of the loft.  Yes, Nancy from Houston, who owned a horse when she was in junior high school but doesn't know one thing to do for a sick horse wants to be of assistance.  I continued on but saddened at the horse's demise.  On my way home I looked in that field knowing surely there would be people attending the horse or burying the horse but thankfully, that horse was up and moving, standing there with other horses.  Guess this horse has learned it is more comfortable to sleep splayed out on your side than having your legs up underneath you.  Well, there was a bunny trail but long time readers of Monablog are used to these numerous side trips off subject.  Back to the birds...anyway, as I watch these birds eat many of them are looking for the seeds that have fallen to the ground and don't look up to even see the feeder.  Or, they know the feeder is there but feel more comfortable being camouflaged by the dirt.  Here it is again, a faith lesson for me.  Am I content to be a ground feeder of the Word or am I willing to take chances by looking up and then moving up to the east side.  A deluxe apartment in the sky....oops, moving up to where the seed is plentiful and with bountiful choices.  Something for me to ponder as I roam the streets and stores today looking for some kitchen table chairs.

In the late afternoon, I sat out back instead of on the front porch.  Just trying to get a little vitamin D.  My mom would have loved that back deck.  She could turn a desert into a garden and she could coax life abundant out of her flowers and ferns.  I think gardening was very therapeutic for her.  The few years she and my father lived in the Texas Hill Country were some of her best bird watching and gardening years.  We joked that her flowers knew not to get used to a place because she would move them to another bed in a heartbeat.  She loved watching her birds and her letters were full of stories about the goings on of her little bird friends.  I sat out there yesterday and a few tears may have fallen.  I miss her so much but she is healed and with Jesus, so I know I will see her again.  Before moving here I read that many believe that when you see a cardinal, your loved one is thinking of you and happy for you.  I don't know how much of that is true but when I see these cardinals in the yard, I wave and tell my mamma hi and I love her.  

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Jennifer said...

I recently heard the same thing about cardinals from my mom. My grandmother keeps seeing a cardinal in her backyard and my grandfather passed away 3 months ago, so that is comforting. Also, something only God could orchestrate, on the day my mom told me about the bird, I went upstairs in our office and there was a lot of art work created by our students for sale. Right there in front of me was a picture of 3 cardinals that a student had painted, very fitting since I have 3 grandparents in Heaven now.