Friday, April 10, 2015

Happy Friday!I

Good Morning from the mountains.  I have a "winter view" of sunrise and as more trees begin to bud and leaf, I won't be able to see it as well.  The skies are becoming a little more overcast as the rain nears us.  The radar shows we should receive a good soaking and as it keeps moving east.  Lowe's called early this morning and our refrigerator isn't in yet, so that frees me up a little more than I had anticipated.  Of course there is work to be done around here but there is always an opportunity to get out and about in a 'new land.'

Our deacon to our family stopped by yesterday to drop off the new member packet.  He and his wife are fellow Texans that followed their dream of leaving behind the heat.  My SS teacher called on Wednesday just to check in with me.  Wow!  I'm not used to having all this personal contact from church and it is a rather nice experience.   I told Dena about the SS teacher calling and she joked that she had called me on Sunday.  Dena was my friend before she taught Dayspring, so that doesn't count as an official call that can be checked off on the envelope.  While Deacon Bob was here, Vivian stopped in and we all had a great visit.  I loved that Vivian and I got to visit a while after Bob left.  She told me of more places that she wants to show me and I am really excited to see everything.

If you are wondering where all the honey and bumble bees have gone, I believe you will find them on the front porch of our house.  We have these huge forsythia bushes below the porch and they are drawing bees, birds and butterflies.  No birds and bees hanky panky going on but I cannot say the same for the cows across the street.  We also have this tree blooming in the back that I thought was a crepe myrtle but Vivian told me it is too early for those to be blooming here.

What was supposed to be a rainy day on Wednesday became a beautiful sunshiny day.  The birds singing, the breeze blowing and I was happy sitting by the window in an upstairs room.  I took advantage of the good weather by picking up the solar lanterns from Sears and then wandering down to Barnes and Noble.  Yes, what do I not need?  Books and yes, I bought two.  It's a sickness and if I can be really vulnerable here, I bought another journal.  Although, I bought this one for the quotes and Bible verses in it.   Then off to The Fresh Market for a few things.  Since the day had turned out to be rain free, a trip to the dump was in order.  So, I filled the back of Sequisha with all manner of boxes and packing material and made my way to the dump.  It is such a beautiful drive.  Really, it is!  The lady at the check in asked about Roy and I told her he had gone back to work, so it was just me today.  I tried to make him believe I got a better rate but it just wasn't happening.  Since I was close by Weaverville, I went to town and had lunch, then stopped at Ace Hardware and Tractor Supply.

One of the things that our deacon, Bob, told me was how fortunate we were to move into this area.  He shared his story of he and his wife coming here and our story sounds a little bit like theirs.  I cannot thank God enough for His kindness!  Bob was telling me about the different areas around here and Roy and I had looked in those towns and areas.  One had more of a north-Floridian feel, one area is rather clannish and if you aren't family, you aren't worth the time and he said in Asheville, it has become such a conglomeration of fellow pilgrims to this promised land, he said you might not ever meet anyone actually from the area.  We are in an area where family farms and land still are intact.  There are some new comers, like us, but the people are friendly and welcoming.  Our stories of coming to Newfound Baptist were similar as well.  Last August I had planned on visiting several churches but after one visit to Newfound, I wasn't interested in visiting anyplace else.

I can already feel a difference in how I feel.  When I get tired, it is a good kind of tired from work and from stair climbing.  The past few days have been warmer than usual but the humidity is so low it doesn't feel like it is in the 80's.  And now with the delivery of the recumbent bike, I can be tired from lots of exercise   Fortunately, it is in the bonus room which doesn't have a closet.  So it is a pretty far piece from hanging clothes on it...well, yet.

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