Monday, April 13, 2015

Secrets of the Seasons

It is an overcast morning here in the mountains.  The forecast over the weekend indicated a high chance of rain today but it's looking like most of the rain will come tomorrow.  We are supposed to have a delivery today but other than that information, there isn't a time frame, so I guess I will need to hang around the house.  That's fine, there is plenty for me to do and lots to take care of.  I feel like I am on the cusp of finding my routine here.  I'll have to tweak it but I won't really know until most everything gets put away.

So I had this plan for Saturday and that plan got totally blown out of the water.  What sounded good was to get up early and go out for breakfast, then run a couple of errands.  I'd return home and do more straightening and wait to hear from my sister in law Nancy and her friend Barbara.  They had come into town to take in the sights and we had made plans for a late lunch.  Just as I was finishing up with my hair, my smoke alarms pierced the silence of the morning.  Since they are all so close together, I couldn't determine which one had gone off.  I checked both the up and downstairs for any sign of smoke.  The alarm went off for just a few seconds and quit.  Thinking it was maybe a fluke or had something to do with my hairspray, yes I am so logical with these kinds of things, I still had my plans ahead.  Seven minutes later, the smoke alarms went off again.  Now I knew, plans would be scratched as I called my friends to see if they could come over and help me determine the problem.  I started taking out all the batteries because I figured they needed changing anyway.  Bill came over and looked at everything.  The detector in our bedroom isn't the easy install kind and he was able to get the battery out of it.  We made plans for him to return around 1:00 to take care of everything.  Meanwhile, I went to CVS to buy new 9 volt batteries.  On my way I made a list of things we don't have here at the house that are basic supplies.  What better place than CVS?  Well, there are better places and better prices but my mind was in the get basic staples mode.  Got the batteries and then wandered up and down the aisles picking up various and sundry items.  Before checking out I went through the basket taking inventory of what I had procured on round one of stocking up.  Let's see, laxative, Imodium, ear wax cleaner, sore muscle spray, band-aids, flavored water, and various other personal need type items.  It was a mix of weird stuff that surely would get a 'glance' of amusement or suspicion especially when it is easier to buy these things when they are surrounded by groceries and much less inspection is given.  Sense of humor to the rescue as the young man began ringing up the items and I said as he was putting things into the bag, "well, it's the weekend isn't it?  You've got to live every once in a while."  And with that, I left the store.  I was able to get the batteries changed out and only had trouble with the detector in our bedroom.  Bill and Vivian came over a little after 1:00 and Bill got it all taken care of.  I am so thankful for good friends who came to my rescue.

Nancy and Barbara came just as Vivian and Bill were leaving, so it was fun for everyone to meet.  Nancy, Barbara and I went out to lunch at Turkey Creek, did some shopping at the antique store across the road and then drove around a bit to see the scenery. We returned with to go dessert from Turkey Creek and ate it out on the front porch.  The weather on Saturday was Chamber of Commerce perfect.

Sunday morning of course is Sunday School and church.  I went back to the same SS class and I really enjoy those ladies.  They are funny, deeply spiritual and serious.  That's a great combo.  After church, I had been invited by Vivian's Aunt Mary to have lunch with them at her house.  Oh my, everything was so delicious.  I loved hearing the stories of growing up on the farm and cherished memories of their loved ones.  Loved them all but I kind of liked Aunt Mary's story of her pet goat Suzy the best.  I came home and took a short nap and then did everything I needed to take care of before Vivian picked me up for choir.  Success was mine this trip down the driveway with the garbage can and I put it in the right spot.  Hallelujah!  Vivian picked me up early to drive me around and show me some farms and homes in the general area.  The back roads of NC are beautiful!  In fact, I think this was my first time to sit in a passenger seat.  The rolling hills, old barns and farm animals cover the landscape.  Extra benefit,the many plants and trees in bloom,  We went to choir and like most good choirs I have known the sopranos outnumber the altos but our small group of altos held our own...mostly.  We worked on several songs and then it was time to go home.

This weekend was a good reminder that we don't control or even manage anything.  Sometimes I can be feeling too self sufficient and the Lord reminded me that we need one another and we live His life in community.  I am learning the secrets of the seasons here, like don't put out bedding plants until after Mother's Day.  We will have two more potentially cold spells when the dogwoods bloom, and they are doing that now and when the blackberries bloom, which will be right around the corner time wise.  Then it is safe, frost season is over.  Secrets of the seasons...since living in Texas and only knowing two seasons, summer and then the three days of winter.  I had no interest in secrets of the seasons because it is no secret is just dang hot most of the time.  Just this past week everything is blooming and greening up.  The view from the front porch is much greener today than it was this time last week.  Secrets of the seasons, that is resonating with me this morning because we have those seasons in our walk with the Lord.  We read Hebrews 1:1 in SS and Acts 1:1-8 in church.  My attention was drawn to various ways and various times, many times and from time to time...the Lord spoke and showed up.  We discussed the walk to Emmaus and I saw things with new eyes....and new eyes of the heart and that is one of my favorite passages in Luke.  We know the secret things belong to the Lord and in this season, I want to notice the various, many and the time to times with Him.  

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