Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Quick Check In

Finally, a week after arriving, there is a bit of time to blog.  We have been so busy, the first of the week taking care of a lot of to do's.  On Wednesday the cable and internet was installed and it was the day that the moving van arrived.  I couldn't believe how many boxes were coming out of the trucks, yes I said trucks.  Thankfully, the second truck only had a few items.  The movers had to unload from the huge van into U Haul cube trucks because of the curves and narrowness of the street.  Having a steep driveway with a big ol' dip at the end of it doesn't help anyone with big trucks.  They backed in...I will say it again, they backed those trucks up our street with the curves and drop-off.  Wow, just wow.  Since Wednesday afternoon we have been going through boxes and getting things kind of settled in.  Roy tried to do all the knee work so I wouldn't have to try and do those kinds of things.  Officially, we made three trips to the Bumbcome county land fill with Sequisha filled to the brim with cardboard boxes.  There is only one trash pick up per week, so we needed to get these boxes pared down.  I have enough for another load on Monday.  Oh the thrill of it all.  Roy said we should drop the garbage pick up and just take the bags over, $2.00 a bag.  I might just consider this when I attempt to push the trash can down the steep street and then back up again.

We joined Newfound Baptist Church on Sunday and we are so happy that we did.  Next week I am going to choir practice.  Today, as we were coming out of Turkey Creek Cafe we saw a fellow chuch member we had met last Sunday and her name is Troy.  She reminds me a lot of Jaye Martin and now that I think of it, they have something else in common.  Troy's husband is Terry and Jaye's husband is Dana.

Last Saturday night Vivian and Bill had us over for a delicious steak dinner.  Oh my goodness, dinner was delicious and the company fabulous.  Another couple Dot and Noel came over for dessert and they too go to Newfound.

Bringing furniture from home makes the Ander House feel very homey.  I told Roy we were saving a lot by doing this. In fact there is just a few things to get.  He commandeered he red desk for the queen bed bedroom and is using it for the TV. It looks good, so we are rethinking the furnishings for that room.

There is so much more to write but my keyboard is acting up on my iPad.  So this is it for right now.

Happy Easter!!!

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