Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Day in Paradise

I am still trying to find some kind of routine here but with things always needing attention and not having put everything in place, I kind of free lance during the day of what needs to be done.  Sleeping here in the cool air is doing this body a lot of good.  In the evenings when I have finished with my tasks for the day, it doesn't take long soon after sitting down for my eyes to grow heavy.  I'm sleeping later too.  Usually when I have been here,mornings come early for me because I know my time is limited to a week.  Guess the old body knows we are here for longer than a week.  The hills are becoming a little easier to walk, at times and just when I think I have mastered backing into our driveway, I have a major meltdown in that skill.  Happened last night but through that I learned something new to use when backing in.  Right before the sunset, I put out some solar lights along the edge of the driveway, so that will help as well...well it will help when the sun comes out to give those babies some power.  I also put out the shepherd hook in the back.  While I was out and about yesterday, I made a stop at Lowe's to pick up a few things.  I have never been that interested in hummingbirds, but I got a feeder and some sugar water.  I also picked up a few plants to put into containers.  That way if we have another frost, I can put them in the garage.  The dogwood tree in the back is blooming something fierce and the red bud tree is too.  Kate, previous owner, told me that some years the plumb trees are heavy with fruit.  I hope this is one of those years.

Last night I made tacos for dinner.  They were good but not Roy tacos good.  I bought the standing shell because of late the other shells crumble at the slightest movement.  The evening before that, hot dogs.  I am a gourmet cook!  Ha!  I will have leftovers tomorrow because tacos two days in a row doesn't whet your appetite for the spice without a day in between.

The fragrance in the air around here is intoxicating.  I am glad I don't suffer from allergies because the mixture of fresh cut grass and the perfume of blooming trees is just wonderful to take in on the porch in the early evenings.  The tree frogs are in full voice and thankfully, the mama cows across the road have calmed down since their calves were removed from the herd on Saturday.  They are back to their normal grazing habits.  I have noticed the cows across the road and the sheep on down the road have discernible paths.  They walk the same paths everyday to get to the fields of green grass..

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