Thursday, April 23, 2015

Driving Down the Smokey Expressway Smiling All the Way

As this day draws to an end, I think it has been a wonderful day.  The sun was out and the temps didn't get past 68.  Several years ago I bought a "spring sweater" that is totally useless in Texas but came in quite handy today.  The idea of going to Waynesville has been in my mind for several days and today was the best day to go.  I realized that it had been just about a month since I've gone down the road that leads to I 40.  The last time I was on it, snow greeted us.  Today the dogwoods and other trees in bloom decorated the roadside.  The azaleas are bursting forth in color.  All the animals were out and doing their animal thing like horses and cows grazing, goats climbing, sheep and lambs just being darling and so it goes...  Fields have been tilled and gardens have been planted.  The whole drive was alive with beauty and wonder.  The trees on the tops of the mountains are starting to leaf and the brown and gray is slowly being absorbed by verdant and green life.  It is just almost too much to take in.  Contrast the blue skies and the brilliant white clouds, it makes driving on a twisting two lane road kind of difficult.  I think many had the same idea today because Waynesville was a tad busier than usual on a weekday.  Parking wasn't as easy of a find either but soon enough, I was in Mast General Store walking through the home items.  There have been many items I have wanted to purchase in the past and since we are here now, today was the day to pick a few of those things up.  I window shopped for a bit and then did some walking around town.  Not too far from Mast is Massie's Furniture and of course I was drawn in.  I really liked the showroom and enjoyed everything available to decorate a home.  They are the nicest people in there and I found myself asking a few questions about several of the tables.  One in particular, made by a man in Tennessee just for them.  I loved the dark pine and darn it, I didn't measure the spot where I felt this table would fit in perfectly.  Kevin measured it for me and gave me his business card.  I told him I would call him back and we could purchase over the phone if it all worked out dimension wise.  I walked through an antique store that was mainly dishes but it had some interesting artwork.  Think I will wait on art for a bit.  If I can find more Wendy Whitson prints, I will be one happy camper.  I came back to Mast and made my purchases and then headed over to the Hazelwood shopping area to stop in at Robin Blu and just make a look see into the bakery there.  Robin Blu was having a store wide discount on everything and jewelry was 20% off for Mother's Day.  They also carry candles like Anthropologie, so I picked up one for home.  Since the bakery is just next door....I went in and got a lemon blueberry scone to go.  They wrap up everything and put them in a box.  The lady came back with my scone box and said, two of them were sticking together, so I am giving you two for the price of one.  Wow!  Thank you!

I drove back the way I had come only making a quick stop at the Exxon station.  Then I stopped at the newly opened antique store nearby and then went across the street and ordered the big salad to go.  I mean if you have two scones, one should surely eat a salad for late lunch/early dinner.  Half of the salad was eaten and I ate on the front porch since the temps were wonderful and the air heavy with the fragrance of spring.  I measured and then called to reserve the table I liked so much.  It will be delivered sometime next week and oh, it is free delivery.  Yahoo!  He didn't even want my credit card number yet because he will only charge me on the day it is delivered.  Wow!

There are still plenty of things that need to be done around here but the worst is behind us.  Well, that's not true....the dresser and closet in one of the bedrooms needs to be gone through and arranged.  I'm finally at that point of thinking more about decor than boxes...although I could make another trip to the dump but the boxes are really big and heavy.  No, those can wait a while.

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