Monday, April 27, 2015

Frightening the Little Bird Who Thinks He Can

I love Psalm 84.  It is one of my all time favorites.  While packing for the move I came across a Bible I used in college.  Psalm 84 was marked and underlined so much, one can barely read the words anymore. I like the part about the sparrow finds a home and the swallow builds its nest and raises her young at a place close to God's altar.  The sparrow represents those who feel insignificant, because back in the day and probably still, they are considered a lesser bird.  The swallow was known to be flighty and had a difficult time coming to rest.  So both those who feel insignificant and those who can settle, find meaning and rest in the lovely dwelling places of the Lord.  Psalm 84 has come to mind these past few days because of the little bird who thinks he can. For the past few days this little guy has bumped against the window repeatedly.  You can hear his little hits all throughout the downstairs.  At first I thought it might be the new refrigerator making noise but it is the little stubborn bird or stupid bird.  Haven't quite decided his mental status.  This morning coming down the stairs I heard his little rhythmic beat.  I stood at the window a long time to deter him.  Hey, nothing is scarier than seeing me with Bozo the Clown hair first thing in the morning.  He has stopped for a bit.  I am nervous to look because I hope he hasn't knocked himself into the next life.  Of course I went to Google to find the why of his actions.  He is probably defending his nest and thinks his reflection is another bird or the superstitious meaning that someone you know is close to imminent death...yea the bird.  I told Roy about the superstitious beliefs and then poo pooed the whole I am not superstitious...then the thought came to me, oh yea, I'm the one who washed my same league tennis clothes together because I had an undefeated record that season.  OK, sports superstitions don't count.  I hear the little bird again.  It's time for Nancy Bozo Clown hair to do her work.

Saturday evening, I went to the WM event, Moore Life Spa Night for Paige Moore.  She had a double transplant of kidneys and pancreas last year.  This was to raise awareness to be an organ donor and to help out with all the costs of a transplant.  Wow, a women's event to help and benefit someone, how novel.  Instead of dressing up, services were provided to help with preparatory work before dressing up.  You could sign up for mani/pedis, haircuts, chair massage, glamour makeovers complete with a glamour shot and you could buy yourself a BBQ dinner while getting all of this done.  I was on time because I at least could get a manicure.  It was a good thing I broke my Nazarite vow the night before and shaved my legs because I surprised myself for signing up for a pedicure the first thing.  First you apologize the to nail tech about the condition of your feet, a lot.  Then you reconcile yourself to the fact your feet are going to be part of her work stories she tells others,.."you wouldn't believe the feet and nails of this one gives me the creeps just to think about it but......"  While I waited for my manicure turn, I noticed the hair stylists didn't have anyone in their chairs.  This is where I walked by faith not sight.  I have gone to Emmanuel Salon for eons, years, for all time and my scariest thought is trusting someone other than Stevie to cut my hair.  But, my hair was in desperate need of a trim.  So, I did it, I sat down in the chair and asked her to cut a bit of the length and to texturize the hair on the top.  I think it was a test of faith when she asked did my stylist use scissors or razor...Scissors, please!  Here is some more faith for mirror to watch.  I am very pleased with the cut.   While waiting for my manicure turn, I visited with the ladies.  Oh my goodness!  That might have been the best part of the evening...well except you know, the whole reason we were there.  I had a blast!  It felt like we had known each other for years instead of a couple of weeks, with the exclusion of Vivian cause I have known her almost a year and we always have a blast.  There were baskets made by different ones that were up for silent auction.  I had my heart set on one of the baskets, don't laugh Houston friends, but it was the one full of gardening supplies, a tray of flowers to plant and three herb plants in little pots...that were hand painted with beautiful birds.  My friend Velda upped the bid and I had to top it significantly or I would have had to run back and forth the whole time raising whatever number was put down.  The evening included Paige's testimony of God's faithfulness to her.  Very powerful!  Then the big reveal of who won the baskets.  I am happy to report that the gardening stuff came home with me.  Velda asked me about it last night and I had to tell her my dog Killer was guarding everything...and I should have added my other dog Auntie Maim was there too...I think that maim would be a good name for a dog...ha ha!  I'm cracking myself up this morning.  Must be the Bozo hair is making me think I am funny.

Now this piece of news deserves its own paragraph.  I drove home in the lingering last gasps of dusk.  I have not backed into our driveway in the dark before.  This is good news for those of you coming to visit this summer.  Anyway, I backed in, down the hill and into the garage without nary a scrape.  I think it was appropriate that the song Shouting Time came on the radio just as I pulled into the garage.  Thank you Lord!  It was a victory!

Church was good. I love my new Sunday School class.  Pastor Jeff preached on the love of God and the choir sang We Believe.  The loft didn't seem as warm as it did last week but it was a cooler morning too.  After church I had lunch at Turkey Creek Cafe and it was good...ham, scalloped potatoes, fried green tomatoes, creamed corn and pig pickin cake.  Don't worry it is just a name, it is a vanilla cake with whipped cream, mandarin oranges and pineapple.  It was a bit overcast with some rain in the future but I went onto Target and got things for the house.  It started raining on the way home.  Great time for a short nap and then gather up the garbage for Monday morning pick up and then get ready to go to choir.  It was dark, dark after choir practice and once again the pulling into the driveway hovered in my thoughts.  Another good report, I backed down and only had to make one correction.  Hey in the daylight sometime it takes several corrections.  The solar lights lining the driveway are helping tremendously.  Sadly, Shouting Time was not on the radio when I pulled into the garage but I am happy none the less for success.

I wonder if my neighbors can see into our bay window?  I think they can if they are in closest pasture to our home because if they can see in, they must be wondering if their new neighbor is crazy?  Six feet tall, six feet wide with Bozo the Clown Hair, arms outstretched jumping around trying to scare off the window thumping bird.  It must have worked at least for a bit.  Well, there are apple trees to be bought and flowers to be put out, with a little reading thrown in and of course as always, working to get things in their place around here.

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