Friday, April 17, 2015

The Playful Mundane, Time Passing Quickly and Mrs Freeze

Yesterday turned out to be one of the most fun days.  There isn't anything out of the ordinary about the day, but everything fell into place and those happy little errands woven together made the day satisfying.  The day began early, well early for me.  I got up, dressed and out of the house before 9:00.  First stop breakfast at Turkey Creek Cafe and some of those delicious pancakes.  Marisa, she owns the place, and then Penny who owns the shop across the road joined me for breakfast.  We had such a good time laughing and telling stories.  The time went by quickly and we were all kind of sad having to break the party up since they have businesses to be run and I had shopping needing to be done.

Biltmore Park was my next stop.  It is kind of like City Centre in Houston, open outdoor concept. Since it was early enough parking spots weren't quite the premium they are later in the day.  Barnes and Noble had the book and magazine I was looking for.  Score!  In previous visits I have noticed a 'paper' store farther down the way from B&N.  My first thought, oh I can drive down there and then it came to me, I could actually walk.  Now this is a no brainer for most but even that distance used to put a cramp into my lifestyle.  So, I put my purchases in Sequisha and I walked down to the store, without sweating, without complications.  It is a cute store but I'm glad we never made a concerted effort to get there before because while it was cute, there wasn't anything in there that interested me into a purchase.  I walked back on the other side of the street and stopped in at Francescia's and found a little plaque saying, 'It is well with my soul.'  Next stop of the day, the Biltmore.  Oh my, the tulips are open and gorgous colors in their gardens.  Trees and plants abloom with wondrous colors.  My first stop, the garden center.  Because it wasn't raining and the temps were good, the garden center was a happening place.  No close parking so it was up to the adjacent parking.  Oh my goodness, again there was a day and it wasn't very long ago, that the trip would have been scuttled because I could not do the distance.  Nailed it!  Even the walk back up wasn't too bad and I had several items with me in a bag.  Then it was the beautiful drive to Antler Hill Village on the estate to look for a similar piece of framed artwork to go with the one I bought when Peggy and I were here.  The only one they had left was the one I had already bought but the trip was not in vain because there are always a few cute knick knacks to bring home.  And again, I had to park a bit of distance away and walked the walk but I didn't talk the talk because that would just look weird, me talking to myself...out loud as I walked the walk to my car.

I stopped at the Antique Tobacco Warehouse just to look around.  There were a couple of small things I liked, a lamb picture (no surprise here) and a milk bottle from a dairy here in NC.  As I rounded the corner to go to the other side of this huge building, I saw what I have been looking for.  The perfect table to go into the bonus room i.e. the man cave for Roy's coffee maker and even better it was under a $100.00!  I asked two gentlemen who were shopping together for pieces to go into their rustic cabin they had purchased, to help me get it into the cart.  We had a nice conversation about antiques and I shared with them about Round Top and Warrington and they shared with me that my table was a good purchase and it is from the 1950's.  I tried to find Regeneration Station which is close by and I saw the sign...a little Ace of Base for you this morning....anyway, I saw the sign but didn't quite figure out where the arrow was pointing.  So, that is an adventure for another day because I went to Home Goods to find some things to go with Roy's new addition to his man cave.  I found what I was looking for and to celebrate the day, I stopped at Chicky and tried the Lemon Freeze with Diet Lemonade.  Thank goodness, there isn't a Chicky near by because I love lemon and I love soft serve ice cream.

Like I wrote previously, the time went by so quickly.  It was already 3:00 and I had done a ton and walked a lot and wasn't even tired.  When I got home I was able to meet one of the neighbors as he and his young son sat on the edge of our lawn waiting for the school bus delivering his daughter.  His name is Mike, he works on the weekends and his wife works at the hospital during the week.  I unloaded Sequisha and then loaded her up with boxes and stuff for the dump.  Yes, a dump run is in my morning schedule today.  Several deliveries and purchases with lots of cardboard and packing material.  On Thursday, my designated pajama day, I put together the bench I ordered.  It may go with the kitchen table or it may go at the top of the stairs.  Leaning toward top of the stairs since it is there now.  I also brought the new table upstairs and after cleaning it up a bit, put the coffee maker on it.  Once I get the mugs washed and placed, I will post a picture of it on FB.  Oh back to Thursday, I hung a lot of pictures and only at the finish did I have to do a re-do on placement of the nail.  I'm an eyeballer for hanging stuff but if Roy had helped, we would have measured and thus...a lot less pictures would have been hung.

If you are even still reading this because it is full of what I did on Thursday kind of stuff, the theme of the day was even the mundane was fun and playful and the time went by so quickly.  It was a day of temps in the high 50's and I thrived in that.  Maybe I am like Mr. Freeze from the Adam West Batman Days...Mr. Freeze was an add on villain toward the final time of that program...grasping at villainous straws.  I need to correct one thing, I would be Mrs. Freeze.  OK....that's good.  And to further confirm that, I did have a Lemon Freeze and not a Blizzard yesterday.  Oh, I need to correct one more thing, in no way shape or form did I participate in any villainous ways yesterday.

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