Thursday, March 26, 2015

And Me Without a Tissue

Chris just left and the house is sparkling clean and feels so fresh.  A contrast to the past couple of days as the fragrance of cardboard filled the air.  There is a slight echo to some of the rooms.  Several are concerned that Roy was left with just a couch.  No, living room, bedroom, second bedroom and study are in tack.  If we have time we will move the back patio table to the courtyard later this evening.  The past two days were long and tedious.  I'm thankful that our furniture will be on its way and will be delivered next Wednesday.

I have shed more tears the past couple of days, more than I have cried in a long time.  My friends have sent messages, texts and phone calls that have overwhelmed me with such kind words.  Peggy brought me lunch yesterday.  Wow, that's a great friend.  Last night I went to choir to hear my friends sing and worship the King.  I wanted to see Dana and CourtneyS for sure... I even got to surprise CourtneyS.  Then John spotted me in the back of the room and asked me to come up to the stage.  Oh my, I walked up and I was a little nervous so I overcame my nervousness by stopping at the mic and asking if this was finally the time for my solo.  An emphatic no came from John.  He had the choir sing for me and to me.  They were working on the wonderful arrangement of How Great Thou Art that we have sung many times over the years...I sat in a chair and took it all in, my friends some for a short period of time and others I have known ten, twenty, thirty years and longer smiling and singing.  I wanted to take it all in, to remember it always because being there, seeing John's view is a privilege to be savored.  I sang some too but quietly because this was one of those special moments that don't come around often, those moments when time stands still and gratitude overwhelms and overwhelms in a good way.  We all have worshiped together, walked hard roads with one another and yes, dare I say it, we have as the NT tells us to do; "bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfilled the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2.  The song coming to a crescendo and nearing the end, I scanned the choir for Dana.  The girl has got her some pipes...and I knew she was going to get to hit that high note above all the other voices.  She gave it everything and it just about broke me in two because she held that note and held eye contact with me.  Then they prayed for me and wow, what an humbling experience.  I love em'.  I couldn't find Peggy and there she was on the front row, John blocked us seeing one another.  I looked around at her and with tears she encouraged me with all manner of hand signals to look elsewhere.  I did, not because she asked but because I would boo hoo even more than I was and me without a tissue.  In that whole experience I met a new choir buddy and loved getting to say quick farewells with so many beloved friends.  I don't think you can top being a member of Houston's First Baptist Choir, not because of the songs, or the sound or the production value...not because of the talented orchestra that lays down the beat for it is the people, from all walks of life, at different stages of life coming together as one big, ol' family.  Do we get on each other's nerves, you betcha!  I am sure there has been competition between the better and more talented singers...this is something that I wouldn't know about.  Back in the day I was chosen early on for any sport related game, but in choir I would be one of the last chosen for a team.  I just love music and I love to sing and best of all sing to the King with some pretty awesome people.

This morning, in the car, the rehearsal CD for choir was still in and started playing when the car started up.  I had several things on my do list, things to remember and things to make sure Roy has in his briefcase to bring with us.  Right there in the midst of things to do, the scenes from choir began to fill my mind.  Like the lady who held the "mirror" on Romper Room and would say at the end of the show, I see Ricky, and Cindy.  I see David and Marsha.  I see Judy, Emily, Marcia, Bri, there's Dana and CourtneyS, James, Diane, Martha, George...and then I realized, How Great Thou Art was the song in the background...again, no tissue with me with my history of few tears.  By the time I got to Black Walnut, I looked like a baseball player with black underneath my eyes.  Then it dawned on me, I will probably tear up every time I hear or sing How Great Thou Art, no matter the arrangement...dang!  I will never be able to forget these friends...  Not dang over them but really, it would be so much better if they had been working on Sanctus or something like that...something not heard anymore in most church services.

I should be packing up Sequisha and taking care of those last minute things...but this deserved some time.  That reminds me, I better pack some klennex for the trip there.  Houston's First Choir and Orchestra will be on quite a bit.

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