Sunday, March 1, 2015

That Good Old Baylor Line

Two years ago today, March 1, 2013 became a life changing day.  After five years of tests, meds, and changes, this day two years ago brought peace and calm to my heart from a procedure called an ablation.  The procedure was successful and I had new life, energy and a calmness I had never experienced before.  

March 1, 2015 is a life changing day as well.  The celebration of my personal, long time journey completed a wonderful weekend when by decree I became an Alumni By Choice of Baylor University.  An adoption into the family of Baylor Bears, I can now proclaim Sic Em Bears not as a wanna be but as a truly adopted bear.  

This has been such an exciting weekend!  Now after watching the season finale of Downton Abbey and as the house has settled into quiet, I can ponder the wonderful memories of this time.  I have shed more tears in the past week than anytime in recent memory.  Tears of joy.  A long time dream that I had put to bed so many years ago became reality on Saturday.  Of course I know it is not a degree, but the decree came in a rather nice leather folder with a fancy looking piece of paper.  Didn't have to write a thesis, solve trig formulas or write a paper on what I did this summer and I know this ain't going to open the door for career opportunities, but it opens the door the significance  of new beginnings and closes the door on a too sad story that tried to define my life for many years.  

I am so thankful for my friend Peggy who took the time to write a glowing review of my life where it concerned Baylor to nominate me for ABC.  My acceptance letter came in July and I just didn't know if I would make it to February 28th but thankfully, I did.  

Bill, Peggy, Roy and I began our adventure early on Saturday morning, leaving for Jerusalem on the Brazos at 8:00 am.  Sanguine Peggy and I actually built in time in case of traffic or weather.  We arrived early enough to drive around the campus to see the new football stadium and classic Baylor architecture of the new buildings on campus.  We cruised the older sections as well and I remembered staying with friends in Russell, Collins and Memorial.  Bill suggested we go to the Armstrong Barrett Browning Library.  I hadn't been in it since high school.  Truly one of my favorites on campus.  

The luncheon was in the Student Union Building on the second floor in the drawing room.  Lovely, and well done.  Lunch included the usual and ubiquitous chicken and green beans of every Baptist banquet known throughout Southern Baptist history but it was really good!  The speakers were interesting and informative and the last one very funny.  When it came time for the presentation we went forward by groups of 9.  I was number 39 and as we walked across the stage, first shaking hands with Judge Star and the Chancellor, a little bio of why we were nominated was read.  When I stepped off that stage, I began to tear up and thus hoping my trip back to my seat would be uneventful.  At then end we sang That Good Old Baylor Line and ended with the Sic Em Bears...I began to cry again.  
Roy had kind of given me a hard time about this whole thing.  He didn't understand it, why it meant so much to me.  When I returned to my chair after receiving my decree, he looked at me with big ol' tears in his eyes and said to me, this really is special.  I had no I want to be an ABC.  Later on he told me, I have three degrees and not one of them was as nice or as meaningful as this program today.  

After the luncheon, we headed over to watch the men's basketball team defeat West Virginia.  Such fun and energy!  And we had really good seats.  

 Several weeks ago Peggy and Dena suggested we have lunch on Sunday March 1 to celebrate.  Those sneaky two surprised me with a celebration luncheon with some of my dearest friends of every tribe of former Southwest Conference schools and one Lancer of CBU...   I was shocked and so overwhelmed by the kindness of my two friends planning this and for such dear friends to be there to fling our gold and green.  Lunch was delicious, served family style and the chicken picata made the meal sanctified as a Baptist gathering.  Although one could say the margarita and pina colata jelly beans sanctified it as a Baptist gathering too.

I am so glad that God gifted my life with these two friends.  They make life fun and adventurous, deeply spiritual.  Each one of these friends has impacted and changed my life for the better.  They've encouraged, listened, laughed and talked me out of some stupid decisions.  Peggy said, we are not giving you a going away party, because you are leaving you should give us a party.  Of course not missing a beat I promised her when these friends come up to NC, I will throw them a party.

This new Bear is truly blessed!

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