Friday, February 27, 2015

Leadership, Team and Birthdays

There is so much talk about leadership today.  Some of it is helpful and useful and a lot of the theme of leadership is just that talk.  After a while, listening to someone tell you time after time that they are a leader, anything else they say...which might be really good becomes just like Charlie Brown's teacher or something said by Debbie Downer.  Yea, you so have my attention...uh did your spidey, I mean leadershipy senses tell you that I mean opposite of that?

We don't refer to ourselves as a team either mainly because one of us would always be on academic suspension or conduct detrimental to the team.  Besides, we would rather be thought of as a family.  But I guess team is the term used when someone needs to make sure that others know they are the leader of the team, band, club or I guess family.

That's what I love about Roy.  He, for a lack of a better term, is a great leader but instead of reminding me verbally, he lives it out everyday.  Some think he is a push-over and that I can run a muck  over his thoughts and decisions.  Nope, not even close.  He asks for my input and likes to hear my take on decisions and such.  He is secure enough as a man to have input and ideas, my goodness gracious from his wife of all things and he is steady, thoughtful and very protective.  All things I like in a hubby.  The way he lives life makes me want to live his way, well except for all that math and excel stuff, but you get the picture.  If you refer to your family as a team, good for y'all.  It's just not our preference.

So today is Roy's birthday.  He loved his card from me and it really was perfect for this season in life.  It had all the good stuff you want to say about your hubs and a bonus for us, the word amazing was included on the inside message which means I added another amazing because Roy really is amazing, amazing.

Today, I have been going through my shoes and I'm excited to have found several pairs I bought at the end of the season last summer, so I am good to go.  All the heels are heading to KCM cause my knees and sense of balance are not what they used to be.  The lamps ordered for our bedroom came in yesterday and they look to be a good match.  Purposely we picked lamps that will work here or there, but the new ones are packed and ready for moving.  The guest bedroom is running out of storage room but there isn't really too much left for packing with the exception of books.  Thankfully, we can put those boxes in Roy's study and I don't plan to work on those until later.

Last night Dena and I grabbed some dinner and much needed catch up time.  My goodness, the conversations kept on rolling.

Roy is on his way home and we are going out for his birthday... like not a real celebration place, we will do that next week.  Oh, you know Mexican food or Luby's are always considerations.

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