Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday, The Day After Snow

Good Tuesday morning!  The sun is out and all looks right with the world except it is 22 degrees out. I don't mind the 22 but we will need to check on black iced roads before we head out for the day later.  Our plans are to go to the house for a bit, then see Vivian and then do some driving around for photo ops.  I can't wait to see all of Peggy's pictures.

I had to call it a night around 10:00 last night.  Our new friend Patricia went up to her room and Peggy was trying to finish her project on the computer.  While I was doing my nightly grooming and reading, Peggy worked in front of the fireplace but got involved in conversation with our shuttle mate Sonny and a sophisticated lady from Charleston, who was visiting and trying to read her devotion for the day.  Sonny is a retired Harley dealer who now runs and plans entertainment at motorcycle rallies...bands, not any other kinds.  Well, to our knowledge.  We learned more about him from his phone conversation in the library than we did on the shuttle.  His wife had kicked him out of the room so she could watch The Bachelor.

Since we didn't have to be anyplace at a designated time, we took the opportunity to sleep in.   Sleep comes easier and deeper here in the mountains and especially at The Biltmore for me.  I think it has to do with Buddy not waking me up every two hours.

Well, good Tuesday evening.  I'm sitting at a distance from the fireplace.  Our friend Patricia and her granddaughter are reading by the fire and so is Peggy.  We have had a very fun day.  We had breakfast and then went downtown to Malaprop's to pick up a book I had ordered.  Of course there were a few more things to pick up as well.  Then we went over to Mast General Store in Asheville where we found bargains galore.  We drove over to the house and worked for about 45 minutes getting things done with the rooms upstairs.  Peggy is a great worker and get things done.  Love her!  After all our work we made a quick stop at Vivian's to say hi.  Then we had the most fun driving up and down New Stock Road.  Peggy is taking pictures of old barns.  We turned onto Peaceful Path and the road quickly turned into a private road.  Peggy wanted me to continue on but I had learned from several here to respect those wishes unless you want a shot or two fired over your head...hopefully over your head.  She thought I was afraid but I told her it was respect.  We went down another road and got to talking to a man who was out walking.  He told us where we could find another barn up his road.  While Peggy took pictures, he and I talked.  I told him about Peaceful Path and he asked me , do you know Charlie M?  He motioned toward where we just had been.  I responded no sir.  He said in his southern drawl, you made a wise decision.

Picture taking works up quite the appetite and we made our way to The Moose Cafe.  Delicious!  So we have meandered about all day having fun.  I think I will sleep good tonight.

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Catherine said...

We LOVE the Moose Cafe when we're in Asheville, but I'd not heard of Malaprop, so now that's a must-see next summer.

I'm new to the blog, so I'm not sure what you're talking about, precisely - are you moving to Asheville from ... er, not-Asheville? For newbies like me, a paragraph in the margin giving a quick, one-sentence overview would be great.