Monday, February 2, 2015

Arrived! We Are Here!

Good morning from the lovely Biltmore Estate.  I have made myself at home by sitting in front of the roaring fire and sipping on coffee.  It is one of my favorite things to do here and I miss this in the spring and summer when the fireplaces aren't in use.  It is a quiet morning with few if any people in the lobby.  Usually there is at least one man sitting by the windows with his phone talking business.  Guess everyone is still asleep or at least pondering the dumb play by Seattle last night on the half yard line.

Peggy and I are having a fabulous trip.  We left early Saturday morning and headed east and then north.  We talked, sang and danced all the way to Ooltewah where we were staying for the night.  The lovely Erin, niece extrodinaire came by and visited with us.  Lots of laughs.  After a good night's sleep Peggy and I headed down the road.  Since the weather cooperated, we were able to take the back way to Asheville.  When I knew Peggy could go with me on this trip, the back road and the road to our home is what I thought about because I knew she would love them.  I was not disappointed.  She took some great pictures along the way.  We grabbed a quick lunch at Turkey Creek Cafe and then headed to the house.  Oh my, the granite looks wonderful with the hardwoods in the kitchen.  We unloaded the car and then drove about the area to scout photo shoot locations for Tuesday when there is supposed to be abundant sunshine.

It began to rain so we took that as our cue to head over to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate.  Peggy didn't realize that we would actually be on the estate.  It is always fun to introduce this place to others and of course it is always good to return.  This is my twelfth visit to the Inn.

Today, we will go back to the house.  I have an appointment with our contractor and a piece of furniture is supposed to be delivered.  Think we will work on setting up the kitchen since that is both our strong suites.  I would also like to put together everything I brought for Roy's man cave/bonus room.

Well, quiet time in front of the fireplace is coming to an end.  I will go back upstairs and then Peggy and I will go to breakfast.  My friend Edward texted me while we were on the road to see how everything was going for us and that's when I told him we were on the way to the Inn and we would see him Monday morning.  He is such a blessing and a good friend.  I can't wait to have he and his wife for dinner at our house.  I would like to serve them as well as he serves here at the Inn.  I hope I can live up to the high bar that has been raised.

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