Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankfully, I Acted Right in Line at the Target

I did something this morning that I haven't done in a long, I didn't cook breakfast, well a breakfast of pancakes or eggs or bacon, nope I made a Land of Sugar run to get a haircut.  I haven't had to do that for awhile because Emmanuel opened a Katy location, but Stevie is out of the salon tomorrow, so we switched me over to Land of Sugar today.  I got out and about early because it is a Chris day, so a quick breakfast at Black Walnut and then I hit the road to run a few errands before the appointment.  Golly gee whiz, I had not been on 99 since they made it a toll road with entrances and exits and I was pretty happy about the whole trip.  First to Super Target.  We have one here, but this Target always seems to have what I am looking for.  Like motion detector lights.  So helpful at night for this wandering one, but at the same time Buddy likes walking by them and turning them on, repeatedly much to the chagrin of Roy.  Also some remote control light dealies.  With everything on my list taken care of, I headed over to the checkout area.  Two, yes two whole lanes open for the whole store.  So, there was a little bit of a line.  The lady in front of me had cornered the market on sweatshirts and they happen to be the brand that I we got to talking and I shared I cleared out the Academy of those very same sweatshirts when they went on sale.  That was the quickest part of the line because she was a bargain shopper and not that there is anything wrong with that, but if a clearance item wasn't ringing up correctly, the whole process stopped as they checked each and every sweatshirt or binder, not bras but three ring binders.  I'm sorry but I have been laughing for five minutes over binder.  That is what my nieces called bras way back in the day.  And the discount triple check was for 9 cents or 5 cents...I almost reached in my purse and handed the lady a dollar but you know we had that conversation about favorite sweatshirts.  Finally, when two items were found not to be discounted and she felt quite sure they were, she opted to look later in the store for proof.  At least my phone worked in that Target so I was able to check email.  There wasn't a flaw to my checkout, so boom, out to the car where I found out that the black blankets we use to cover things in the back were not there.  Let's see?  Who took them out of the car and didn't put them back?  I believe it was my precious, darling husband.  Ugh!  Since there was still about forty five minutes till my hair appointment, I went over to the local Christian bookstore and looked about.  And who should come into the store right afterwards?  Yes, sweatshirt friend.  We laughed and told each other we were not stalking but believe me, I was so thankful I didn't go huffy puffy over the wait in line.  Oh, my, what a great encouragement to this lady would have that been?  I think I would have had to go all, I came over here to find the answer to life's questions and act like I was a seeker just to get out of bad behavior.  Thankfully, like I wrote, I didn't have to go to lying in the Christian bookstore to save face. Not that I would lie in the Christian bookstore...

Great time at Emmanuel and I stocked up on product.  Then a quick trip to Whole Foods.  I think that Whole Foods is better than ours.  That store is huge!   My tin ceiling tiles were framed and ready at Hobby Lobby, so I picked those up on the way home.  I also had a painting of some lambs framed and the price on the register didn't seem right.  Oh, now I have become the bargain shopper.  No, I knew she hadn't charged me for the lamb picture.  The clerk was taken back, she said no one every corrects a not enough price.  Really?  Cause Just As I Am was playing in the background...I didn't really notice that till I left.  Many think I don't look at receipts but I do and if I hadn't caught the mistake then, I would have gone back after looking at the receipt to pay...but then you get the sales clerk in trouble and you don't want to do that, but you don't want unpaid merchandise hanging in your home.  So, that was my adventures today and as always, it is wonderful to come home to a clean house.  

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