Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thinking of Here and There, Mainly There

It is looking like North Carolina outside my window this morning...well, only because of the fog.  I think that North Carolina foggy mist has seeped into my brain because if it doesn't have to do with the move, I don't have too much of an attention span.  Or at least it is a much more limited and shorter attention span.  Yesterday, I was able to finish up a couple of projects at home thus more boxes are ready to be moved.  There is a lot of hard work ahead and this weekend Roy has suggested we go through our storage unit to see what if anything from it will make the journey.  So much of what is in the storage unit besides Christmas decorations are boxes upon boxes of posterity.  Letters from my mom and the like...those remembrances of her that I treasure.  Oh and lots and lots of photos.

On Monday I attended a memorial service for Richard Bell.  As our pastor said, an all around great guy.  It was my privilege to work with Richard and Sandy at the Downtown Wednesday Bible Study. So many weeks Richard and Sandy would come wearing the same shade or complementary colors of clothing.  On those few times they didn't I would ask Sandy, is everything alright?  You and Richard are wearing opposite colors today.  To me Richard was one of those men who is larger than life.  If a problem arose at High Point, I knew Richard could and would take care of it.  He was the first face of downtown Bible study, because he liked working the cash box and greeting everyone as they came in.   Roy filled in for bridge with the Bells and had a blast doing so.  Every Sunday morning as I would gaze across the congregation from the choir loft, I always looked for Richard and Sandy in their regular place.  Sometimes I would see them before Sunday and I'd tell them, you are going to LOVE this week's music.  Richard loved the Lord and he loved serving Him.  He was a generous man and his generosity will touch others throughout the rest of time.

After the service I spent a few minutes at the reception and then headed up to CourtneyS office.  So fortunate to be able to spend her lunch hour with her in the beautiful spring like weather out in the Oasis.  Then a quick trip to The Fresh Market and Barnes and Noble.

I was tempted to stop in at the cult, I mean Pottery Barn, on my way home.  I get free of them for three years and now I am in with them hook, line and sinker.  On Monday, the 20% off desks, combined with a PB gift card and a $250.00 credit reeled me in to order a desk I have been salivating over for months.  Not salivating on the desk actually, anyway, I ordered the desk and I await the phone call to schedule delivery.  Of course hope springs eternal that this delivery will go much better than the last one, the scheduling of it to when we are in North Carolina.  With all the discounts the desk became cost worthy and knocked off a whole lot of dollars.

It is now Thursday.  Chris has been here so the house is clean.  I've been to breakfast, Bible study, Hobby Lobby and Whole Foods.  So, I will wrap this post up.  Thankful for a beautiful cool day.

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