Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday Update

It is in the 30's and the sounds of lawnmowers fills the air.  Ah, Rancho De Five you truly are an enigma.  The look of winter with the sounds of summer.

As I wrote yesterday I knew getting angry in the parking lot at the bike store was going to come back and bite me and it did, oh around 1:00 am this morning.  The erratic, slushy beat of a heart out of rhythm.  Sometimes it is just irritating but last night was the kind of afib that keeps you away because of the loud pounding in the chest and also those brief thoughts of, if I fall asleep will I wake up in heaven?  I finally decided instead of thrashing about in the bed and Roy didn't stir one bit, I would get up and take the dreaded medicine that helps get the heart back in rhythm.  It did the job.  If there is any getting out of sync, mine usually happens at night.

In good Monablog fashion, it is now Wednesday morning.  Still cold and overcast, but no mowers on the green space.  I packed up things yesterday until I ran out of bubble wrap, so another trip to Costco is in order.  I would go today but Roy really likes making Costco runs, so I will leave that to him.  The moving company is bringing big boxes and wardrobe boxes later this week.

We have come to the program Fixer Upper on HGTV quite late but we have enjoyed watching the previous shows and getting caught up.  It has kind of taken over our previous must watch TV, House Hunters.  After watching several episodes, I realized that for our NC home, they would have opened up the kitchen into the family room and we did consider doing that.  But at the end of the day and this journey we decided that the NC home would be totally different than our home out here in Rancho De Five.  We enjoy the open concept but I am a nook person and the farmhouse feel of the Ander House, that's what we've decided to call it, just feels right.  Of course the feeling will be better once we get furniture and the like into it and also a back splash in the kitchen.  Oh yes, and getting us in there.  Back to Fixer Upper....It is interesting to see how they do things and design rooms, which probably worries Roy that I will see something new to do to the house.  I would like a stone fireplace instead of the marble one that is there now and we have plans to redo the master bathroom, replacing the bath tub and separate shower into one big walk in shower.  I hate to admit that for about a day I thought we should put in one of those walk in and sit down tubs.  Roy was totally against it but then on Fixer Upper, one of the homes had a "senior adult' bathroom and I came to my senses...uh, no, big shower is great.

Well, it is time to get to work and then I do believe some reading is calling out to me....I may answer the reading before the work.

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