Monday, February 9, 2015

Trip Recap

It has been a while since last posting.  Instead of my usual writing in the mornings, I read.  It was a good trip.  It was a fun trip.  I enjoyed Peggy experiencing the Inn and watching her take in the land that I love.  Due to Monday's bad weather we didn't get as much done at the house as I would have liked during the week.  The following days were too beautiful to be working inside a house.  I am contemplating a return trip before moving day.

On Thursday the furniture we had purchased at Christmas time was to be delivered but the store was short on help, so with a reschedule for March that freed Peggy and me to go to Waynesville.  The Mast General Store in Asheville is ok, but the one in Waynesville is my favorite.  It doesn't hurt that the drive there is beautiful.  Since we knew it would be too tempting for me to not to buy things for the house, we decided to return to the house on the way back to the Inn and drop the items off.  Generous Peggy gave us a hammock for a housewarming gift.  We have two trees in the front yard off to one side that is perfect for hammock days.  We also went over to Robin Blu and Nettie's Bakery in the Hazelwood area of Waynesville.  We dined in Weaverville at the local Mexican restaurant which is good by NC standards but ok by Texas standards, then headed back to Biltmore to finish up packing for the return trip home.

Many of the days were just downright cold with temps in the teens most mornings.  Of course, I love the colder temps but Peggy is not too much of a fan.  Adding to the cold is the fact that I need to have hotel rooms at a cooler temp because the heat takes a toll and then I begin fighting off that lightheaded feeling and the rumble and jumble of a heart working on going out of rhythm.  Peggy asked me if I live in fear, not doing things like I used to which can be frustrating for those who want the old me back.  I don't think of it as fear but have been taught to view the caution I have to take as a good parameter which in turns gives me good life.  I hate giving up days to recover from overdoing, especially if it is something I am not really all that interested in.  Now something I am interested in?  I am willing to pay the price from time to time.

We spent time driving around the countryside looking for old barns and interesting photo ops.  I do that a lot for Roy too.  On our way home Peggy and I went through the book Listography answering the questions and not answering the too personal of questions.  That was a lot of fun and full of good memories and laughs.  Even the stories we have heard and told a million times brought laughter.

Since getting home I have been working on packing boxes with things that need to go north but won't disrupt the house.  It's interesting for sure.

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