Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Few Valentine Thoughts

This morning I awoke to a private concert from the mockingbirds.  They must know it is Valentine's Day because their songs were a medley of chirps and songs.  As Buddy and I were enjoying the lovely songs, well I think Buddy slept through them, Roy was in the bathroom getting ready to go to Saturday morning Bible study and when he heard me stirring, he too joined in the Valentine greeting. We talked for a few minutes and then he gave me a great Valentine gift as he shut the door to the bathroom and says, you don't need to hear me brush my teeth on such a beautiful morning.  That my friends is love!  Especially because Roy makes a whole lot of noise when brushing his teeth.  The other gift he is giving me today is taking my car into the dealership for service...that is love too!  And to top off the morning I found a beautiful Valentine card by the coffee maker.  I love him!

It is unlike me not to have sent out Valentines this year because it is one of my favorite things to do but as I have mentioned before I have Carolina on the mind.   When I say Carolina on my mind, it is not so much living there but all the logistics that need to be in order for everything to happen.

Thursday mornings when Chris is here my usual schedule is to get on out for the day beginning with breakfast at Black Walnut.  Then with the available time I usually head over to Target before all the minivans take over the parking lot.  This Thursday trip was to be a rather quick trip but you know Target, there was so much more than what was on the list.  Since I had taken more time looking, I was kind of in a hurry to check out.  Ah yes, I know you can see where this story is going.  I picked the line, the worst line because ahead of me was a bargain hunting, coupon clipping, price checking, complete with ten gift cards mom in yoga pants.  Dang!  What was I thinking?  It was painful my friends and of course this story comes complete with her not prepared to pay for her things.  So the digging begins in her large tote purse.  She finally finds the debit card.  I asked her during this whole line waiting thing and I asked her innocently, not rudely, do you drive a minivan?  She responded with yes, and it was almost too giddy with excitement and she followed her giddy response with, why do you ask?  It is good to be able to think on your feet cause I just said, you'll need a minivan to hold everything you bought.  The paying process finally ending, the clerk began the checkout process on all my goodies in the cart, when minivan lady discovers she hadn't paid for her Red Bull drink.  I offered to pay for it so she could be on her way, you know pay it forward and probably private penance for asking if she drove a minivan...she declined and put the Red Bull back in the refrigerated case.

I got to thinking about Target last night, yes I am so exciting like that.  Really, it was more thinking about my mom.  When a Target opened near our neighborhoods, she and I were quite excited especially when we learned of their Dollar Days promotion.  We had never seen anything so wonderful in shopping adventures.  She and I looked at the ad and made our lists, then headed to the store.  We started out together getting the big items and then began working our way to the checkout where the lines were extremely long.  The beauty of shopping with a partner, we would take turns waiting in line with each other's carts while we picked up the last few things on our list.  Of course once shopping like this became the norm over the years, the crowds thinned out and we didn't have to be so precise with our shopping.

It is now later in the afternoon.  Roy and I just got back from running a few errands which included a stop at Office Max.  As we checked out the young woman said to us Happy Valentine's, are you doing something special today for her?  I told her, he already has.  He went to the car dealership and sat there while my car was being serviced and he is making tacos tonight for dinner and he has loved me every day for almost 38 years.  He's done enough for one day.

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