Saturday, February 21, 2015

Just a Mirage With a Dream and a Study

Another one of those odd happenings this morning where life and dream intersect.  As per my usual habit, once Roy leaves for the office I turn on the radio which is set to KHCB.  Sometimes I'm awake and listen but most times, I sleep through Charles Stanley.  This morning I slept through Charles and only awakened when the PSA for Black History Month and this morning's story was Mahalia Jackson.  That is where life and dream happened.  I was dreaming that Roy was going to investigate a noise he heard in another part of the house and in the dream while waiting to see if anything was wrong, I timidly said, Roy?  I heard a deep sounding noise that began growing in strength and sound and I screamed waking myself up.  The noise?  The beginning of a song by Mahalia Jackson timed perfectly to the dream where Roy is needing my help.  My scream woke up Buddy, who is so brave, not...she jumped off the bed to tunnel underneath it to her fortress of napping.

Thursday evening when I came to bed, I forgot I left my boots right in the direct path of the bed.  I tripped and thankfully didn't wreck me or the nightstand.  Sadly, only Roy's sleep was wrecked because all the noise woke him up.

Thankfully, nothing eventful has happened this morning.  It is a quiet, peaceful morning.  Roy has Bible study and another co-worker's funeral to attend.  In between those two things, he has ethics continuing education for most of the morning downtown for his law continuing education requirements.  His law hours are harder to come by than his CPA hours since his office offers CPE courses at lunchtime to get their requirement in.

Our core group's discussion of Luke 15 was awesome.  I love the insights of the women in our group and we have a good mixture of young and let's say, more seasoned women.  In reality both brothers are far off from their father, the younger son in the distant land and the elder brother close in proximity but far away in heart.  My goodness, he is just out there in the field probably rehashing every wrong or insult he has imagined or believed but he misses nothing.  We learned through our homework that  when Jesus began speaking his group contained tax collectors, notorious sinners, Pharisees, and scribes.  The religious group probably didn't give much attention to the sheep and coin parable because they didn't associate with shepherds or women, but the last parable of the prodigal son got their direct attention.

Well, it is back to work packing up books and boxes.  I am on my last big box and now I know what boxes to get from the moving company.  Happily a lot of things are going to KCM.  I was delusional to think I had simplified...

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