Monday, February 16, 2015

President's Day Here in Rancho De Five

I've been playing with a new app on my iPhone and iPad, Waterlouge.  It is only $2.99 and lots of fun.

It is a cold overcast day out here in Rancho De Five, but it is a tad bit colder in Western North Carolina.  I've been texting with a few friends up there.  They are hunkering down for a winter storm. We hope the electric lines hold keeping the water pipes warm in our house.  Mercy!

Roy's office has today off so it has been nice having him around today.  I have been packing boxes. I think he has cabin fever because he left to get batteries for watches, pick up a few things at Sprouts and fill his car.  He has been fine tuning his taco sauce recipe and I think this past weekend he hit the right combo of ingredients.  Delicious!  We had leftover tacos today for lunch and they were still quite good.

Last night like millions of others I watched SNL 40.  For the most part it was entertaining but it was sad to see Paul McCartney and Paul Simon try to sing songs from their portfolios and unable to carry those sustained higher notes that one can carry with a younger voice.  Some of the stars have aged well and others, Chevy Chase, have not.  I once read a book on the early days of SNL and the young comediennes disliked older, established comediennes coming in and trying to be funny.  I wondered if that thought of times long gone made an appearance in their thoughts leading up to the show?  I love Martin Short when he is in character but don't particularly care for him when he is appearing as himself and he can't help but slip into various characters which makes his performance forced and too over the top.  Loved the opening and the Jeopardy sketch.  Jane Curtain at the anchor desk was too short.  It was on Saturday night I saw my favorite sketch from all the years of SNL.  It is Steve Martin and Gilda Radner at a disco club and when their eyes meet from across the room, we hear the tune Dancing in the Dark begin and thus a beautifully choreographed dance complete with Steve Martin like comedic dance moves inserted is comedy at its finest.  The writers and performers respect the intellect of their audience and the beauty and comedy merge at the right moments to create cultivated laughter. More and more I truly understand that although physical comedy is funny, it is not my style.  Guess I would fall into the camp of observational humor, so of course I loved the Jerry Seinfeld part in the show.  Really, they could have cut thirty minutes off the show and it would have been fine.

Well, Roy is back home and probably wants his computer back.  That's ok, I have work to do and books to read.

Happy President's Day!


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