Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Evening at the Estate

I find myself where I began the day, in front of the fireplace in the lobby of the Inn.  A few more people now than at the early morn.  Yet, it is still quiet except for the loud talk coming from the small bar area.  Classical music plays in the background with the clink of utensils hitting the plate as people dine this evening.

The weather played a huge role in today's decisions.  Our plan had been to work at the house.  We left the estate with the sun breaking through the overcast sky.  I noticed that sleet or snow was peppering the windows with that little clicking sound and as we got closer to the house, the clicking of sleet soon turned into the delicate flakes of snow.  And the snow began to fall at a rapid pace.  It still wasn't big enough flakes to show up in pictures but the snow fell, no rather it was blown sideways parallel to the ground.  Big gusts of wind came through with the front and the temperatures were falling at a quick rate.  We got to the house and Jonathan and his wife were waiting for us.  We came inside and discussed the front porch and the options availabe to us.  When the local people are concerned about black ice and needing to leave, one takes the hint that another work day at the house would be better.  I made a quick call to the furniture people and rescheduled furniture delivery for Thursday afternoon.   We thought about making a quick trip downtown to the bookstore.  I have a book there I ordered but the thought of trying to find a close parking place in the cold didn't bode well in my thoughts.  So, we came back here and drove around the estate.  We shopped in Antler Hill Village and ate at Cedric's.  We decided that we would go over to the house mainly to shop since the crowds would be nonexistent.  I think we both found some lovely things that couldn't stay here.

With the early mornings of late, a nap sounded like a good idea.  Ah rest, it was a great nap.  We have been hanging out in the room.  Peggy is getting every update on Sport's Center concerning the game last night.  So much to discuss when the obvious was to run the ball.  This all leads to coming down here.  I need a fresh Diet Coke and will pick that up soon.  We may grab some dinner, we might not.  Tomorrow doesn't have to be an early morning and it will probably be best to let the roads and temps warm up a bit before adventuring out into the great outdoors.  It is supposed to be a warmer day.

Peggy is getting much needed computer help from a lady sitting on the couch across the way.  I hardly use a laptop anymore, I couldn't remember anything to be able to help. What is so funny is she said, let's go down to the lobby and see if some young one can help me with this computer.  Our new friend Patricia is 76 years old.  So here I sit, writing my blog in front of a roaring fire, happy to know we have three more days here and just a little work to do at the house.

Roy just called and he has a lonely cat dogging his every step.  Buddy isn't used to being by herself all day since I'm usually at home.  He will have a long evening ahead until Buddy loses interest in him.

Oh, one last exciting thing, Edward got to meet Peggy.  What is so wonderful now is the laid back feel of this season he can spend a little more time with us.  His birthday is this week.

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