Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Am Doing This Week

Yesterday was a hard working day.  I've vacillated on taking this or not taking that.  Really, furniture wise the decisions are pretty much set except for a few things.  One day a table is going and by yesterday, it isn't.  What I thought would be some of the most tedious packing has turned out to be quite fun, if packing can ever really be fun.  Roy has done the same thing with tools and stuff in the garage.  We have a date picked for the moving van to be here and we are waiting on confirmation from the moving company.

Guess with all the packing and sorting I am thinking back to the long ago when my father was transferred to Houston from Illinois.  This was a whole nother world for us.  When we first arrived we lived in West U.  Back then it was not the place to be, the suburbs were calling out to young families.  The house we lived in stood for many years and only recently became a tear down.  It had window units for cooling, one downstairs and one in the master bedroom.  In my childhood recollection, that room was huge because it not only held my parents bed, but one of my twin beds and my brother's crib, along with a desk for my father's paperwork.  I don't remember spending that much time in my bedroom but I do remember it was a long room with wooden floors and a huge fan in the window.  This was also our first encounter with roaches.  The house had a huge screened in porch in the backyard.  We dreaded turning on the light out there at night because it seemed thousands of roaches scattered into the dark.  Of course it probably wasn't thousands but....  My mother and I also discovered lizards.  In my child's mind I remember running from something green with huge black spots on its back.  Both my mother and I scurried into the house and she frantically tried to get a hold of my father.  She worked up enough courage to go next door and ask the neighbor about these "dinosaurs" in our backyard.  The neighbor kindly told my mom those were camillians and they were our friends, they ate bugs.  Funny, I don't remember ever spending much time after that in the backyard nor do I remember spending time anywhere else but the huge bedroom and the downstairs...but not the screened in porch.  Thankfully, my parents heeded the call of the suburbs and even though there are roaches and lizards in the burbs, they weren't entrenched like they are in an old house that has belonged to their reptile and bug families for eons.

It is now Thursday.  Chris has been here so our home looks wonderful!  I left before she arrived heading out to Black Walnut for breakfast and then onto Target where I just happened to have a gift card and had no clue of the amount.  $50.00, pretty excited about that.  Peggy called and needed a ride to Bible study, so we rode together and we talked about a million miles an hour but we are the most excited about our trip.  We may see snow but probably not snow on snow.  We didn't stay for big group time because she had an appointment and hopefully a car and I had a few errands to run.

Belinda M came over Monday night with some of her miracle working essential oil for aches and pains.  We had a great time talking, like to 11:00 pm when I couldn't stay awake much longer.  She has me hooked on this stuff.  Today, at Whole Foods I looked on the aisle with all that kind of stuff and found a mixture already made up, just need the oil and a container.  So, I just made an once of the stuff, it is a different formula than what she makes, and put it in a spray bottle to use on my knees.  So far, so good.  My knees and feet will not know what hit them while climbing stairs and working at the house on our trip.  I thought with this oil stuff you could just buy mixtures from a person but I see now that they want you to immerse yourself in the whole thing and buy the kit.  I know there must be a better term than kit, but it will have to do.  Don't have the attention span for classes and stuff, so I will make my way through this process on my own and of course with Belinda.  Wonder if she delivers to NC?

While at Whole Foods I got a complete and delightful surprise of seeing Emily S having lunch with her parents and her youngest kiddo.  Emily and I had so much fun on Committee on Committees.  Yes, it is as fun as it sounds.  Well, you have to make the fun.  My whole presence was to take copious notes of the meeting.  Let's just say that wasn't my best thing.  It was wonderful to catch up with her.

Last night I did something I usually don't do.  No, I didn't cook but I watched a movie.  It is hard for me to sit through movies at home and I rarely go to movie theaters.  I watched Saving Mr. Banks.  Oh my, what a great movie!   The whole time I kept thinking Allison S from church was playing Mrs. Travers.    If Allison had short hair that is...  Anyway, maybe now I will look at Mary Poppins differently.  Not my favorite movie and I don't think I read the book as a child.  Maybe some light childhood reading this summer is in order.

We have our official packing and moving dates now.  It is getting closer and closer and I am looking forward to the new adventure.  Roy has made his flight reservation to return back here after we spend a week getting things moved in and settled.

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