Sunday, January 4, 2015

Play While You Work

"It's a happy talent to know how to play."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Play is training for the unexpected." Marc Bekoff, American biologist

My One Word, Play.  Yes, I know I wrote about this the other day but I want to make the word a part of my thought process and vocabulary.

Saturday morning, Roy is at Bible study and Buddy is asleep under the bed.  So here are these brief moments to read and blog.  There is a book I began around Thanksgiving and it looks like I will be able to finish it up this weekend.  Reading is such a huge part of life.

Yesterday morning was haircut at Emmanuel with Stevie.  She is such a delightful stylist and an insightful friend.  We got caught up on each other's holidays and we again talked about finding a hair salon in Asheville.  She texted her good friend who is a colorist from the area and we also looked up salons using Google, with key word Oribe.  That is the hair product line that Emmanuel uses and that I like, no make that love. There is one salon and it is in Biltmore Village and their website and FB page give the impression that this might be a good fit.  Of course until one actually consults with a stylist, one never knows.  Stevie didn't have to take the time to help me have good hair in the months I am in Asheville.  The whole staff is like that at Emmanuel, so help, kind and well funny too.  You know you are at a good salon when you are tempted to ask for a towel to absorb drool when getting your hair washed and conditioned.  Oh my, head washing and massage, both good things.  OK, they do not use the word head washing.  Dena and I came up with that term in Boerne, TX in the spring.  There was a salon, no a hair cutting place, that we noticed and we concurred it would be the kind of place where the Dolly Parton, Steel Magnolia type stylist would ask you if you need a head washing today or just a hair cuttin'.

It is now Sunday morning.  We had planned on going to church but Roy pulled muscle in his side and isn't moving well.  Think he is also tired because it has been non-stop for him since we got home. Computer church it is.

Yesterday morning the casita closet was on schedule to be gone through.  I've been putting it off because I knew the mother lode of journals and notebooks were stored away out there.  So, I began making a way through things in the closet to get to the very back and pull out the storage containers.  Thankfully, I am giving away more journals than I am keeping and it looks like they are going to go to good homes.  Dena said a few years ago how much she would like to give journals to her Life Bible Study class, so now that wish has come true.  She went home with about 100 journals last night to take to her class.  She came by yesterday afternoon to pick them up and then she came back later for dinner.  She brought delicious cocktail weenies with her.  Roy made his delicious Costco ribs.  We all had a great time laughing and talking and watching football.  Roy is into the Swiss Miss Keruig hot chocky.  He makes his with whipped cream and he made all of us a mug.  It was delicious!  

Dena also let me know that my oral surgeon had passed away.  She had seen his obit in the Chronicle. Wow, I was shocked.  Until last year it had been some time since we had gone to him.  I had heard he had been ill, maybe fought cancer, I don't remember but when I saw him on this last trip, he was half the size when I had last seen him.  He had always been nice to me but others, not so much.  I think he knew how good looking I thought he was because I think I said something once under anesthesia in 1999.  I hadn't planned on going back to him for some other dental work that needs to be done but I guess this seals the deal.

On Thursday morning as Roy and I were staying out of Chris' way, we made a trip to Home Goods.  I had just about finished up but Roy was hanging back in the picture section of the store.  He had found a picture for our new home but more especially for my one word of the year, play.  He found a sign on Play Room Rules.  It is perfect!  Love, for the most part, his tedious nature of going through things slowly as not to miss a thing whereas I am more of a big picture, a cursory sweep of things.

It's almost time for church....

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