Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Keep Moving Forward....

Congrats to Ohio State or The Ohio State or as the flag runners proclaimed OO HI.  Flag runners going to be flag runners.  At this stage in the game I would be a flag dragger along the sidelines and it might just take the whole game for me to go the distance.  Yes my friends, flag running is for the young and for those who like to misspell.

Roy talked with moving companies and one is coming out Friday to give us an estimate.  The flooring company called yesterday letting us know the hardwoods look great and this time the wood and gloss are a match.  Yea!

When we moved to Rancho De Five, one of the things topmost in furnishing our home was, each piece needed to add storage or another purpose other than what is was being used for.  I am trying to bring that mindset to this home because it is smaller and has much less storage than here.  Lots of downsizing going on.  The window treatments are not staying but are up until I find what I am looking for.

So, we keep on moving forward....

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