Friday, January 16, 2015

Just Stuff Before the Weekend

Why is play so elusive for some grown-ups?  Because we are so strongly attracted
and attached to a profoundly goal-oriented, work-ethic-driven society.  Like
other forms of non-work, play connotes wastefulness, a stoppage in the way of
what needs to get done.  Yet often what really needs to get done has more to do
with our hearts and spirits and less to do with a deadline or longstanding project.
Play beckons to us, urging us to live in the present moment, a moment that

becomes more luminous when we disallow interruptions like work and worry.

I found this quote and I would give credit to whoever thought of this wonderful quote but it was listed as anonymous.  It's a pretty good quote in my book and yes, it went into my quote book I bought years ago from Levenger.  Keeps quotes all nice and organized.  

It is fun to watch serious, focused Roy write seriously funny things on the safety email he sends most mornings, his company sends them out as daily reminders to work safe.  It feels like such a loss when he doesn't have time to forward it with his witty remarks and insights that concern Buddy or me or both of us with safety.  

On Facebook this week a friend who usually posts quotes or pictures of family or church happenings made a really, rather out of character, post.  She said she was going to go see Pit Bull at the rodeo in March.  Friends had so much fun with that and let her know how funny it was when she posted a retraction and explanation and disclaimer, she wasn't going to see him.  Here's hoping she wasn't told to make a disclaimer.  So many enjoyed the brevity from the same o same o Facebook updates.  

You have to make it a fun job whilst going through drawers and boxes and closets, trying to get organized and sorted what stays here and what goes to NC.  Yesterday it was fun because I found $80.00.  Over the weekend I came across some journal pages that lets me know in hindsight Alzheimer's began sooner than later with my mom.  For instance in 2005 I wrote about how mad my mom had become over taking one of her best friends to MD wasn't actually the taking, it was the fact she needed to be picked up so late.  Only thing, my parents weren't picking her up just taking her in the mornings.  My mother didn't lose her temper and things like this did not make her mad but maybe with the onset of the disease, it was changing my normally docile mother.  The other thing I came across was a totally inappropriate birthday card for Roy from her.  She was known for her cards, mostly very funny, but this one was very s&xual in nature....again, a little bit of Alzheimer's sneaking in and we didn't realize what it was.

Welcome Friday!  Life got in the way of blogging but it was good life.  There was CBS which I left early because I met Lisa P for lunch at The Nord.  We celebrated her birthday with our regular crab stack, cilantro lime shrimp salad and splitting a white choc bread pudding.  Yum!  We got an extra special surprise when tucked away in another booth in the corner was Paige B and Dora P.  Gee, I just realized put together our last name initials make PPBM but we are not into potty humor.   When I got home I could not find Buddy anywhere...I called her name and nothing.  Except in the distance I could hear the slight sound of a meow.  I called her name again, and I heard the sad little meow.  I looked around and realized she had gotten into the linen closet and Chris had shut the door not realizing Buddy was in there.  I have done the same thing, because that little gray cat is fast and sneaky.  That is the longest time she has been shut in that closet.

That's it for now.  

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