Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Morning on the Prairie

Saturday morning on the prairie.  Overcast and cold but roasty toasty on the inside.  Last year the starter module broke pre-fireplace season and we waited for months for the repair.  Seems as if there aren't enough repair people available due to the installation of fireplaces in the massive amount of new homes being built.  This year with the fireplace repaired and working, we enjoy those evening fires with our new love of hot chocky.  With the Keruig Swiss Miss the temperature for immediate sipping is just right.  I think we have drank more hot chocky in the past few weeks than we have in our whole lives.  It will be a quiet morning with Roy at Bible study and then at the dealership with his car getting the oil changed and the brakes inspected.

The granite install went well by all accounts and the pictures after the install confirms the choice.  We are thinking of doing white cabinets with a chocolate wash which will bring out the color in the granite even more.  In the past I haven't been a fan of light colored cabinets and hardwoods but we really like the look in the house and it continues the farmhouse look we are going after...even though it is not a farmhouse.  There is a line between just enough and too much making the rooms look kitschy and camp.  Not the look we want.  For a short period of time we considered getting everything retro for the kitchen but that idea passed quickly just like so many other ideas that have come and gone with some ideas sticking around.  We have been looking at dining room tables for the kitchen.  The area for the table is in front of bay windows that don't really extend out too far.  Kate had a small round table and we have considered that and square tables.  Now we are kind of hung up on a rectangle table because we could put it closer to the windows  when it is just us or me.  Our back yard, tiered with plants, is a haven for some of the most beautiful birds.  At Christmas I saw a male and female cardinal sitting on a branch and across from them a male and female blue birds.

The news of Andre Crouch passing away hit me hard.  He was like my generation's Chris Tomlin.  When he came to town, I had tickets to see him.  I think I saw him several times at the Music Hall from back in the day.  He introduced me to gospel music and I loved it the from the very first note.  I had every record and played them endlessly.  Even today, I like singing his songs, they don't seem worn or played out, the words are as meaningful and truthful and relevant today as they were when I first started out on this journey.  To God be the glory, for the things He has done.

Bible study started back Thursday.  Sometimes CBS glances over passages that I wish they would have given more time to.  Really, as women, we can never get tired of the Mary/Martha discussion.  I have come to the conclusion in this story, I would rather be Lazarus.  He didn't have to do anything.  We spent a lot of time studying the sending of the 72 or 70 depending on your translation.  Our group had good discussion on the good Samaritan.

We are taking the stance of no news is good news since we haven't heard a thing about the installation of our hardwoods.  They will be contacting us for the rest of the money, so no worries there.

Peggy came over yesterday with my Christmas gift...a beautiful lamb pillow and my Mildred name on a neat looking license plate thingy.  We sat or rather she stood by the fireplace and talked forever.  Contrary to what others may think, we don't get to spend a lot of time together.  Roy came home right after she left and we headed out in the mist and cold for lunch and a few errands.

As you can tell by this riveting blog post life is full and easy right now enjoying the simple things of our everyday life.  I think I surprised Roy when he offered the chance to buy all new furniture instead of moving some of ours up to NC when I turned down the opportunity.  Wow, maturity at its finest.  His thoughts were it might be cheaper to do that than moving but when I did a calculation thing on Google, I think he was kind of happy I turned down the offer.  Besides, he would start selling furniture here that he didn't think he would need and I am not quite ready to do that.  His mindset fluctuates on getting something taken care of but then I bring him back to the fact he will not be here in Katy by himself for the whole year.  I would not want to come back to find things he had sold that I wouldn't want sold.  So, chaos averted.

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