Sunday, January 18, 2015

Adventures With the Halt and Lame...That Would Be Me

If I were in the choir loft this morning, I would be on the halt and lame row.  Really, it's sad when you are going to do a quick walk through Hobby Lobby because this might be the week they have the sign Roy likes on sale and we grab a shopping cart, not because we think we are going to be buying tons of stuff, but so good old Halty here can use it like a walker to make our walk through Hobby Lobby manageable.  Good news!  The man cave sign was on sale.

Roy and I attended a funeral yesterday in the historic Lawndale Cemetery.  There are headstones that are truly works of art.  As we made the winding turns in the processional to the grave site, familiar names of famous Houstonians dotted the serene landscape.  The first sunny weekend in quite sometime and the freeways were packed with cars and it seemed no different in the cemetery due to multiple graveside services happening within the same time frame.  The service for Emily's father was very nice and many friends were in attendance, so much so it surprised the Episcopal minister presiding over the service.  Our drive back out to Rancho De Five was not as adventurous or crowded as the trip to Lawndale.  We stopped for a late lunch at El Rancho, thus, the quick trip to Hobby Lobby.

Today, we are attending a memorial service for a co-worker of Roy in Kingwood.  Added to the mix is the Mrs. Monarch role.  I haven't had to be her in a really long time.

Happy Pooh Day!

I had breakfast with a new friend on Friday morning.  We were having such a good time we got kicked out of Black Walnut because they needed our table for the expanding lunch crowd.  I think that is why Black Walnut is never a choice for lunch if it is up to me to pick.  Finding a parking place is too stressful.  Add to that fact it is January so the Lifetime parking lot is totally full, so that option isn't even available.  So just like Pooh and Piglet it was a what's for breakfast/what's going to happen exciting today Friday morning.

The moving people had to reschedule our meeting from Friday to Saturday morning.  We are picking a great time price wise to move some things up to North Carolina.  He also said because our destination is on one of their most busy routes, we should have our furniture delivered in four to six days.  We were prepared with our list of things going and our questions on  packing.  This morning I realize I left a couple of things off the list but we have until a week before we move to make additions and subtractions.

Yesterday, I also made reservations at the Inn on Biltmore Estate for Peggy and me.  She is going with me as I take stuff up there and to be at the house for several deliveries.  And because both of us are such domestic goddesses, we will also arrange kitchen things.  Peggy and I have been to the Biltmore before, way back in the day, 1999.  It was in July and we did a quick tour of the house and gardens.  She told me, we don't need to buy the audio guide, I can tell you everything about this house since I have been here before.  Ha!  Not until I went back in 2002 with Dena did I realize Peggy didn't know everything about the house.  We aren't going to do the Biltmore House but I think she will really enjoy seeing everything else there on the estate.  Edward, our friend who works there will be so excited to finally meet Peggy.  We have talked about her, both Roy and Dena, when we have been on our trips there.  The girls at Turkey Creek Cafe will be excited because I told them Peggy could teach them how to line dance.  They want to know how but their moms don't want them learning line dancing at a bar.

Well, it is time for Halty to get going and get dressed.  Have a wonderful day!

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Etta said...

Hi Nancy,

I'm enjoying hearing all the fun of the new house! I hope you don't mind, but I 'borrowed' the Winnie Ther Pooh clip for a friend who was exercised over breakfast choices on Facebook...

have a good day