Friday, January 23, 2015

I Works Hard For No Money

Once again it is a North Carolina morning complete with fog but alas no mountains.  Of course there is the pretend mountain that I can see if I squint my eyes just right, look through the trees and focus on the roof of a distant neighbor's home.  It's kind of like a long range mountain view.  Yesterday was a successful day of packing and organizing for the eventual move.  The breaks come while coming across something interesting that I forgot about whether it be a picture, notes or something that is being packed up.  Today will be considered successful if I can find the waffle iron and get it packed.  You might think, but Nancy, that means no waffles until April...well, the box hasn't even been opened.  So here's to waffles in the mountains!

While wrapping things in bubble wrap and in the midst of throwing away, the day of packing with the pleasant breaks included the highlight of drinking Diet Coke with a bottle, not a can.  CVS used to carry them but the only place for those rascals to be found is...Buc-cees.  Thankfully, I have a friend who makes frequent trips to Baytown, where the newest Buc-cees can be found.  She brought me six bottles and I so enjoyed the pause that refreshes, which is really a Pepsi branding, in the midst of bubble wrap, packing paper, tape and boxes.  Thank you Dena!

Another fun happening in the midst of it all was Peggy's text.  She had received an email from the Baylor Alumni Association asking for our RSVP to the Alumni By Choice Luncheon.  The four of us are going and I am really so very excited about this.  Later in the afternoon I received the official letter.

It is now Friday morning.  Not that unusual for a post to be comprised of several days.  The work of packing and giving away continues.  Last night after all the rain UPS delivered four boxes of wooden boxes on casters.  They were ordered at the beginning of December and knew they wouldn't arrive until January.  These were very reasonably priced compared to some I have seen elsewhere for over $150.00 just because the word Book or Read was stenciled on the side.  These will work as under the bed storage for us.

Yesterday, we had great discussion in Bible study of the remainder of Luke 11 and delved into Luke 12.  Our group has so many insightful women of all ages.  Two of the moms with newborns had their boys join us.  Nothing like baby sounds of coos and little grunts with Bible study, they go great together.  We mainly looked at the relationship of the Pharisees with Jesus.  The study questions really brought home how sometimes things don't change and how they need to change.  One lady brought the modern insight of the Sadducees were more like today liberals, Pharisees like evangelicals today and the Essene's would be the hippies of today.  Wow!  Great insight and having that thought hit close to home.  Pharisees, wanted to sit in the place of honor, be recognized, they worried about themselves more than serving and kept others from growing into leadership because they wanted to remain in control and feared for their own replacement.  They hung unto tradition just for the sake of hanging onto tradition.  CBS studies are really so good and this is my seventh year participating.  I have never been this consistent for a study in my whole life.

You have to love a hubby that sends you weather reports for your trip in Excel spreadsheets.  Bottom line is, it will be a little colder than usual and we might see a bit of snow.  Hopefully the weather cooperates to take the scenic back way to our home.  It is one of the most beautiful drives ever!

Well, the day awaits and there are things to be done.  

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