Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oh This is the Way to Start the Day

Good Morning to you!  We're all in our places with sunshiny faces.  Oh this is the way to start the day.  This morning began with a feisty cat who clearly was angry over the fact I didn't sleep on my right side all night for her.  She's a creature of habit and only my right arm will do for her slumber.  She likes to lie on my arm, get her paws warmed up and then stretch out and use my hand as a pillow.  This is all fine and good but sometime in the night when I no longer can feel my arm and my hand feels cold, I have to turn over.  Most nights she is fine with this but there are those nights, like last night...it just isn't what she has in mind.  When I got up this morning she came over to me like most mornings for a little head rub on my feet to mark me as hers and then she took a chunk out of my ankle.  Not one of those love nips either.  To deter her attack that would be all the way to the kitchen I quickly got a spray bottle of perfume and sprayed it into the air.  She doesn't like spray or aerosol, so she quickly went on her own way.  By the time I got into the kitchen, she was over it but it was more likely to play nice in order to get a morning treat.

We enjoyed a laid back weekend.  Well, relaxed and laid back in not having anywhere specific to be. It was a working weekend preparing for the move in March.  I made a huge dent into getting the casita bedroom packed up.  Roy made a KCM run with four bags of clothes and household items and he is in the process of going through his study and getting everything tidied up.  We also came to the official conclusion not to put our house here on the market.  It doesn't make sense for many reasons to do that right now.  I was feeling unbelievable pressure to prepare things to move and at the same time preparing the house for the sales market.  I reminded Roy of everything out here in Rancho De Five that he loves and would miss if he moved into Houston to be closer to the office.

One of my favorite authors is Gail Godwin.  I discovered her books in the 80's and I have always looked forward to the release of her new titles.  She wrote a small non-fiction book, Publishing.  It is not a how to or seven steps to be a published author, no it is a memoir of times and people.  A side note, many of her novels take place in Asheville, so she is one of authors whose work influenced a decision to get a second home in that part of the country.  I finished Publishing yesterday and of course today I am sad because there is not any more of the book to read.  So now, I will re-read and see what I missed on my first journey through.  Gail Godwin seems to be very likable but has a full on tilt of artistic temperament.   Now in her mid 70's, she confesses in her book that she's a bit embarrassed by some of her antics now.  Yesterday, while finishing the book, I came across a quote that explains a little bit more to me why in the world would I pick my One Word to be, play?  "The first twenty years you learn.  The second twenty years you practice.  The third twenty years you perform.  And the fourth twenty years you play."  Casals

Not quite sure what it says about us, but we like a lot of the lamps and tables from PB Kids and PB Teens.  We ordered a lamp for the twin bed bedroom that is so cute because I really wasn't looking for the traditional nightstand lamp for that bedroom.  The curtains from PB Teen are the perfect colors and styling for two of the bedrooms, but going to wait until later to order because I want to remeasure the windows to make sure of the length.  The seller of the house had them hung with a couple of inches between the hem and floor.  Think I would like them to go longer and actually touch the floor.

Speaking of touching the floor, my feet need to get moving.  More packing taking place today in the casita bedroom.

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