Monday, January 12, 2015

Playful and Play...It Does a Body Good

We took another sabbatical Sunday this morning.  Roy was exhausted and didn't want to get out in all the mess.  I didn't have the best night sleeping with Buddy restless and with the rumbling of thunder that came ever closer as the morning came.  Many Sundays we go to First for the music that ministers to our spirits and with the choir on leave until next week, the extra umph to get going into town for church is lost somewhere between the warmth of the covers and the willingness of the heart.

But just because our rears aren't in church doesn't mean we can't hear God speak to our hearts.  This morning was especially heart opening for me as I read the Word and contemplated what I had read.

I have written previously that my One Word for 2015 is play.  There is so much to the word, it comprises so many good and honorable qualities.  I woke up this morning thinking about this word, play and being playful.  What encompasses playfulness?   Sadly, I must admit that I have left a great deal of playfulness out of my life in the recent years.  Playfulness can get on many a serious person's nerves.  They don't quite see the need to celebrate the little things or having humor in the midst of serious issues.  Somehow I let those feelings of others define decisions and the course of the path I travel upon.    The consequences of this is; I don't send as many cards as I used to, I don't give as many spontaneous gifts for 'just because' reasons, I'm not dancing while I vacuum, I'm not listening to that much music, there's been a losing a bit of wonder and amazement, giving into my cynical view of life and some disregard for some manners and thoughtfulness.  It is not a very creative season, I am not using the gift of imagination, and I find my views can be quite pessimistic; it seems to have been a little bit more of a self absorbed season of life.  You know, taking oneself too seriously.

It was a fun, humorous dream that I awoke from that started this line of thought and not only did I
wake up to the day, but I awakened that spark within to see the good and the funny in life.  Of course there hasn't been a losing of a sense of humor but more times than naught on our last trip to Asheville, Roy commented several times, you still have that umph within you that makes you childlike, with the sense of wonder and being happy over the smallest of things.  We both noted, I have kind of lost that here on the prairie.

So it has been fun looking at quotes and writing down quotes on playfulness and play in my quote notebook.  I have also been reading the Scripture, trying to find the passage I most would think defines playfulness.  The choice might be quite surprising, but it is Proverbs 31.  I love the women writers who are taking back Proverbs 31 to the original meaning from Hebrew.  The more I re-read this chapter, I am really trying to understand how this chapter defines women as homemakers only.  My goodness, this lady was involved in a lot of stuff!  To be that involved, she has to have a sense of humor or at least in my interpretation there in she has to.  Verse 11, she great enriches his life...she brings him good, not harm.  Believe me, as a wife of noble character, you have to have a sense of humor to bring good, not harm... 15, she has servant girls, that has to help keep your spirit up and a sense of humor.  17, she is energetic and strong, a hard worker....her lamp burns late into the night.  Some of my most creative ideas have come late in the night and also when I brush my teeth and that can be early or late brushing.  25, she is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.    There are more verses I could bring commentary to but I think verse 30 speaks playfulness and joy the loudest; Charm is deceptive, and beauty doesn't last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.  Beauty not lasting is a laughing one can be charming all the time...  She laughs at the future because it's funny.  You have to because the other choice is depression.  On our trip Roy made an interesting comment, you either deal with the whole beauty or good looking issue when you are younger or when you are older.  You're going to deal with it at one point or the other.  If you are not beautiful or good looking, the confrontation with this issue comes early and often.  Often a whole lot as a teenager.  If you have been beautiful or good looking your whole life, then as looks fade, you deal with that later and more often, only now the blessing is, your eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.  The asset that has been depended upon diminishes.  You have to laugh, you have to know beauty will always be fleeting and changing.  If you don't take a playful or humorous attitude toward it, you either get plastic surgery or get over it.

So, today I will have a more playful attitude which brings joy, enriches my hubs life, causes me to dance, sing songs, have fun, stop and ponder in wonder.  It is a good thing we are studying Luke in CBS because many times Luke has been referred to as the Gospel of Amazement, because people are amazed a lot at the miracles, and it is also the gospel of a journey, a journey enriched in prayer.


I know God is a Holy God and I worship Him as such.  I know it is good to fear and respect the Lord.  But I also know He made me and He made me with a funny bone.

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