Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Purge But No Binge

It looks like North Carolina this morning.  Trees shrouded with fog and being able to see only a few feet ahead.  It's beautiful!

When it comes to moving into our future, we have to get good at purging things from our past that limit us or hold us back.  Christine Caine

 This is a great quote to read on a Tuesday after getting moving quotes over the weekend.  The cost took me a bit by surprise, even with moving in the non busy season and with the cost of fuel now.  There is so much to consider and even going through our home, listing the pieces to be moved, we forgot to include a few things.  And I thought I did a huge book purge when we moved out to Rancho De Five. It is looking like the book purge of 2015 is about to happen.  

We find it exciting to talk about our future since we have felt somewhat stagnant in the past few years.  My knees will not let me be in choir.  For this, I am sad.  I also find myself on the sideline and I am not quite sure how I got here, but I have a pretty good idea.  Can I help it I didn't want someone else to define my life for me?  

Of course many times what holds me back is myself.  When you finally get comfortable in your brain and skin, you're too old to be considered for much but along with that too old means, I can pretty much say or do or wear what I want.  Well, that last sentence sounded like Cartman.    

We went to the memorial service of a coworker of Roy, Sunday.  It seemed a million miles away in Kingwood.  It wasn't a very long service, mainly the pastor talking, we sang one song and then the worship leader sang one of the deceased's favorite songs.  No eulogy or anyone else speaking.  The family kind of sauntered in to the worship center and it seemed like a stretch to really talk very much about the man.  Some of the stories the pastor told were kind of strange stories to tell, but that might have been all they had of interest.  The service was well attended though. 

Yesterday, I purged things from my closet to move into our future that has less closet space.  It was a joy to do so because it is another step closer to living in the country and enjoying cooler weather.  The book purge began too.  Six boxes ready to go to the Bookworm this weekend.  As I've been working I am trying to keep in mind that Roy could sell the house out here on the prairie if it's the right time and right buyer.  So, some of the purging has that aspect of that future in mind as well.  

We have a meeting set up with our general contractor and a delivery day set up for furniture delivery while I am in Asheville.  It will be helpful to have Peggy there as we talk with Jonathan.  She contributed several great ideas for our Rancho De Five home.  Next thing, get a locksmith scheduled.  Once I get all that settled Peggy and I can enjoy the sights.

Well, another day of purging and thankfully it has nothing to do with food cause you have to binge if there is food involved.  I am also considering what needs to go up on the next trip. 

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