Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Packers Provide Packing

The packers, not Green Bay Packers, but the mover packers are supposed to be here between 8:00-10:00 this morning.  This is where the pedal meets the metal and tomorrow will be full on with the truck being loaded.  Last night Roy and I were pulling together the few things we have the packers doing, three lamps and several pictures.  All the Wendy Whitson artwork and pictures we have bought over the years will be left in their capable hands, although I have packed and moved the smaller ones already.

Since this process of buying and then remodeling the Ander house began in September, I have purchased things for our home.  So lots of storage, linens, dishes, glasses, pots and pans (don't laugh, they will be used) and all sorts of other items and in doing so spread out the expenses of furnishing and supplying a home over the months.  Other than books and clothes, most everything else has been sitting in our second bedroom or on our church pew.  Drives Chris up the wall but she will be surprised to see all the big boxes gone and an empty casita bedroom.  The reading room will be empty too.  Then the dining room table is going up but the rest of the house is in tack.

I told Roy about Gregg's sermon on Sunday and about how the husband sacrifices to take care of his family.  Not that Roy doesn't already know all of this and I did mention the submission thing...no really, most think I am not...but those who know us can tell you the truth.  Buying this house to help me have good health and a better life is one huge sacrifice.  I mean really who would want to give up living with me seven days a week?  Don't answer that!  Roy has said to me so many times since 2008 that he hates to see me confined so many days at home because that spring/summer/fall heat takes it out of me and it also compromises my health.  I am so thankful for him, how He listens to the Lord, how important knowing and practicing the Word is to him, his desire to walk in God's love, and let's not forget how much he loves and how well he takes care of me, oh and Buddy too.

We are meeting with our contractor on Tuesday to discuss our front porch.  They can begin work April 13th.  That is sooner than I expected, so that is very encouraging.  The next project after is having a propane generator installed and converting the fireplace to propane.  Then next year I think we will have the master bath remodeled.  The bathtub is totally useless and we've been spoiled by having a huge shower in our Rancho De Five home.  Counter space is an issue, so redesigning the room for better spacing and maybe where the shower is now, having a linen closet put in for greater storage.

Packers are to be here between 10:00-10:30 now.  Think I got a lot of little stuff taken care of while waiting.  The packers have been working hard getting everything ready for a smooth transition to pack everything up tomorrow.  Wow, it is hard to believe that they have taken everything apart and have everything to be loaded.  I wasn't ready with two pieces of furniture, so they will take care of that tomorrow.  Whew...  For the most part I was ready though.  The men doing this are very nice and quite funny.

After they left and as I ate my salad, the phone rang.  I would have normally let it go to VM but in case it had to do with the move, I answered.  Dang, my GP office calling...long story short...I made an appointment for the week I am home for all the other Dr appointments.  Getting things done...

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