Saturday, March 21, 2015

Comfortable Shoes Make Me Happy Whereas Sunshine on His Shoulder Made John Denver Happy

I used to be 6' and I wore stiletto heels to the office.  I owned walking in those five to six inch heels five days a week at the office and on Sunday at church.  Saturday was Sabbath rest for the tootsies.  Now a days, one inch heels give me horribles because I rock them and by rock them I mean I can't walk two feet without stumbling or going off balance.  Oh how the mighty have fallen and I am talking about arches here.  In keeping with taking well planned breaks during this packing process and since Nordstrom has triple points, I checked out the website.  So this graceful gazelle, no really at one time I was, perused the shoes and used the filter, flat, comfort shoes.  My descent into the comfortable shoe season of life began with Merrill mesh clogs.  Liked them alright but after visiting Peggy in the hospital after her knee replacement surgery and having a long discussion about the shoes with a lady while Roy and I waited for the valet to bring the car...I knew I needed to find another shoe brand.  In the mountains many women are fond of the Keen brand of shoes and I have become a huge fan as well.  I have several pair, in several colors and wear them all the time but even in the mountains stores they think every woman wears shoes size 10 and smaller.  So, if Nordy isn't carrying the colors I like...I am pretty much sunk or if I am not one of the first to grab a size 11 off the Keen website.  Thankfully, I bought several pair at the end of the summer season deeply discounted, so this will not be a situation this summer.   So, I looked at comfortable shoes and found this brand Bzees.  They look like Keen shoes but the cost is significantly lower.  The reviews were great!  So, I ordered two pairs and they came Wednesday.  Oh my goodness!  Yes, these have to be some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  Light and supportive and cute...and they are machine washable. I've ordered a pair in navy that will be deliver to the Ander House.  Ah comfort for the feet, blog topic and conversations of sixty year old women.  Don't laugh, you'll be here one day.  I never thought I would ever give a second thought to comfort in shoes verses style.  Ugh, the next thing you know I will be wearing double knit polyester.  No, I don't think I really ever think I could go that far.

So, I got highlights and a haircut yesterday.  Next haircut will be in Asheville.  I think I have found a place to try but I asked Stevie to cut my hair just a little shorter to give me more time to procrastinate on going in for a consult and a cut.  Then Roy and I waited around all afternoon for the security guy to 5:30.  Oh well, so since I had on comfortable shoes we went to Luby's for dinner.  Then we spent an exciting hour at Costco.  Normally, I don't make the Costco trips with Roy but I wanted to help pick out the phones for the Ander House.  We just went with an upgraded version of what we have here because they offered five handsets.  Lordy, I cannot be running, ok that just cracked me up because I don't run...went the way of stiletto heels, anyway running up and down the stairs trying to get to a phone.

This morning the last of the lamps we are moving are boxed up and I think we will need to do one more wardrobe box.  Then the odds and ends I have no clue what to do with but know they need to come with me will get stuffed into drawers and the like to be moved and to be determined later where they go.  I think once we get the boxes unpacked I will find in the weeks ahead that I have probably been a little far-reaching with some things.  Here of late all kinds of racks and bins and wire baskets have had my attention.  No telling how many of these I have accumulated but they will be used.  The lady that owned the house before used wire shelving.  That seems to be a little more difficult to store stuff on.  So, we shall see.  I have found all kinds of neat things and can't wait to explore all the antique stores and such once getting settled in.  Of course I will be able to go longer with more energy because of cooler temps and these comfortable shoes.  Comfort ye, comfort ye my shoes.

Well, break time is over, back to work.  And it will be a breeze or should I say a Bzees in my comfortable shoes.

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