Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Home From the Mountains to the Prairie

I have returned from the hinterlands and I think it was warmer there than it is here today.  While stopping in Sulfur La and Buc-cees, which by the way was out of Diet Coke with Lime...grrr and brrr because it was cold outside at both places.  I came away from Buc-cees with a cup of coffee and I nearly spilled some coffee on my lap.  Since I haven't written much this past week and I know some of you are out there are thanking their lucky stars for this, but yesterday I spilled a half of a French Vanilla cappuccino on my lap, missing my shirt and phone which was very fortunate.  My jeans were darker in color and no one knew in all the fabulous stops I made, Chevron, Exxon, Shell, and Cracker Barrel that I had a coffee mishap early in the day.  Although one might have thought the lovely aroma of vanilla was quite overpowering if they got too close to me.  I only had to make one stop at previously not stopped at location on the way home.  Let's say I am thankful to be safe and sound at home.  I am being a little dramatic but I don't think I was in the safest of locations but Roy was praying Psalm 91 for me, so 10,000 fears fell to the side of me.

This trip was great for getting things done.  I stayed the first two nights at the Inn on the Biltmore Estate because I didn't think I would be quite done with everything in order to stay there.  On Friday, I left the Inn and ran several errands, Target and Pier One and oh Barnes and Noble because something from Barnes and Noble is so helpful right now in this stage of getting the house ready.  Dinner at Turkey Creek and breakfast there the next morning as well.  I will have to say I did not sleep all that well the first night in the house only because I didn't know regular "house" noises but after that night it was all good.  On Saturday I had to make a trip to the local Walz-Mart for cleaning supplies and cheap pillows for shams.  Also stopped at a cute store that opened just across from Turkey Creek Cafe.  She has antiques and all kinds of hand made items.  I did not leave empty handed.  The days went by too quickly and the work happened a little too slowly but all in all it was a good trip.

Many have asked what made me go alone?  Well, we had a mix up on a delivery and there are odds and ends that always need attending to.  I knew I would not be as tempted to play if I went by myself.  Oh, I did get some play time in.  Roy also got some things done for the house like getting the cable, internet and phone people scheduled.

It is good to be back in Rancho De Five.  Buddy was happy to see me and ran to meet me and then demanded treats.  Her happiness, although enthusiastic, must have worn her out because she has gone back to napping.

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