Saturday, March 14, 2015

Check It Off The List-Friday Edition

So, another thing checked off the to do list Thursday morning, yearly eye check up.  Very little change and all things eye related looks healthy.  But, there is nothing like a Dr appointment to make one feel really old.  It seemed like I was saying, "pardon me, will you say that again" about every other sentence.  The young man assisting me through the pre-exam part of the appointment probably thought you need to make an appointment with an ear doctor next.  Even having dilated eyes, when Dr. McCutie walked in...he is a vision of eye candy.

Since Thursday was a Chris day, I had to find other things to do but really the only thing I wanted to do was go home and sleep off the dilated eyes.  Everyone else is complaining about the dreary, overcast day but I was thankful for it.  Even with the gray skies, I had to wear sunglasses and being brainy and brilliant, what better place to take overstimulated dilated eyes but to a bookstore.  Then to Home Goods and finally Hobby Lobby to pick up the antique ceiling tin I had framed.  Turned out really nice.  In all, I had three ceiling tins framed and they will look so good in the NC house.  

On a side note, Roy and I have been talking about what to call the NC house.  Since it is located in Alexander, we called it the Alex house for a while but then Roy came up with The Ander House.  Of course we Googled the meaning of Ander and it is a Dutch word meaning other and different and second.  How perfect is that because it is our other house, it is a second home and it is different than our Rancho De Five home.  Here, open concept, there...the feeling of nooky rooms, nooky like in cozy not nooky like...well you know, although I guess all the rooms would be good for a little nooky now and then...but I digress.  Hopefully Ria can back me up on this being a Dutch word...maybe not used as much now, but I mean really I learned it from the Internet, it must be the truth.  No matter, it is still the Ander House to us.

While driving through B'ham, a Mercedes showed me some love on I 59 and their tire threw a rock right into the windshield.  It was a really loud cracking sound and I was surprised that the whole thing wasn't shattered.  The rock left a crack in the middle of the windshield.  After much discussion we decided just to get it repaired for now and replace it closer to the end of the year.  That is probably when Sequisha will become Roy's and we get a four wheel drive Sequoia for me.  So the guy is out there now doing work on the windshield.  Roy is on his way home from the office and now he can stop and get some packing tape for the big boxes the moving company brought us.  He kind of likes to be here for this kind of stuff but he is off the hook this time.  I just inspected the work and it looks good.  Yea!  Check that off the list.

Last night Dena and I met for dinner.  We always have to catch up on life and sometimes although we know what we want from life, we don't always know what we want for dinner.  She was thinking maybe I would want Mexican food but Roy made his world famous tacos for me on Wednesday I was good on that.  Italian or Chinese also sounded good.  It came to the choice of Chinese because both Dena and I needed to run into HEB for a few things.  Funny, how a few things can increase on those leisurely strolls down the aisles.  One of the things I didn't know I needed but am now the wiser for it is HEB 100 Calorie Packs of cheese crackers including jalapeno cheese crackers.  Oh my goodness!  So good!  That means I will have to stock up on these for NC since there aren't HEB's there and when friends come to visit, they will have to pack a couple of boxes for me on each visit.  Add new snack procurement to the list.

Roy and I have been to our storage unit and pulled some things for the migration.  We were able to consolidate a few boxes too.  That's always helpful.  While we were doing that we also stopped in at Target to get heavier strapping tape to use on the big boxes they brought us on Wednesday.  Check and done.

We have a lot of work to do on Saturday and Sunday.  Once we can check those tasks off the list, the things I can do without extra help will be done this week.


becky thurman said...

I like it..."The Ander House" You make me tired with all you have been doing and getting done. You go Girl!!!

FitzandMolly said...

We had a great PHP fest the other night with Roy, but it wasn't the same without you!