Friday, March 20, 2015

Little Boxes Filled With Ticky Tacky

This is a totally easing into the day kind of day.  Yes, there are things to pack or box up but thankfully, the remaining items are hanging clothes and the like.  I need to make some decisions concerning what goes and what stays and yes, will I be wearing it for the next couple of weeks.  Last night Roy helped me with getting things taped and ready to roll in the casita bedroom.  For now, my hands will be full with what we have packed and plan to move, so a lot of my lambs that have been collected over the years will make the trip over to NC another time.  The other items to be packed are papers etc that we want to keep in our possession and not the movers.  While packing the last of the books in the casita bedroom, I came across all my Golden Books from childhood.  There in the midst of them was the moving book that Mayflower gave me when we moved from the Chicago area to Houston back when I was a wee bit of a girl, four years old about ready to turn five.  I don't think movers wear uniforms or carry the big boxes with a strap wrapped around them.

Yesterday, I made appointments and follow up appointments with doctors and dentists when I return in June.  Still waiting on a confirmation from the knee doctor but we have a little time.  I think he closes his practice during spring break week.

Buddy and I had a little bit of a frightful surprise this morning.  I woke us both up with my loud declaration of, "just let me go, please!" yelling mad loud and from what I remember of the dream, I was mad.  My theme song should be Don't Fence Me In and that is exactly what was happening in my dream.  After Buddy ran off, I laid there for a moment, heart racing and with a slight headache which is a good indicator that my BP was up.  All from a dream....

Of course by now you know that this too will be a double day post, nothing remotely related to Abner Doubleday.  I should right now be getting ready for Bible study but since I didn't do very much of the homework, I can be late.

I decided to combine a trip into Houston to see the CBU choir at church last night with a trip to The Galleria, Whole Earth and The Container Store.  So after running a few errands out here in Rancho De Five, Sequisha and I made the journey into entitlement land.  The plan was to do the Whole Earth and Container store, then head over to the Nord.  Scored big time at Whole Earth finding several Flax items deeply discounted.  Then at The Container Store I had that inner conflict of, buying this will make me more organized contrasted with the stark reality of, who in the world do I think I am?  After two near wrecks in the parking lot because apparently no one can see a Black Toyota Sequoia, I made it to The Nord.  All this backing up on the driveway in NC is making me a better backer in-er and I nailed the back in.  I was quite happy.  I returned my dress and then made my way to the N Bistro for a late lunch.  I reminisced of all the crab bisque I've eaten over the years and continued on with the fries that came with the sandwich.  Really, who cares about a sandwich there?  The service was really sub par and by sub par, I mean really bad.  It was not busy, at all.  Before bringing the bill the waiter apologized and his manager wanted to offer me a free dessert.  I should have gotten a rain check but turned down the is too much for one person.  After lunch I headed to Macy's because I needed to buy a slip and hardly anyone sells them anymore.  It has been quite sometime since I have had a panic attack and if I am going to have one, it seems The Galleria is the place I am going to have one.  I think I get hot and then I have anxiety over being able to get back to my car.  Several years ago I had the most severe panic attack there and it comes to mind almost every time I venture out of the Nord.   It wasn't pretty because I broke out in a cold sweat that drenched my hair, thus sweat running into my eyes.  Ugh....  By the time I came to a place to sit, I looked like I had just stepped out of the rain.  This young boy was looking at me and I wanted to say, don't ever shoplift kid...this is what will happen.  Of course I had not shoplifted anything but while paying for stuff I keep thinking the sales clerk is going to ask to look into my other shopping bag.  Finally, composed, I left thinking the cold A/C in the car would do the trick.  So it was a slow go to Marshall's/Home Goods over off of Bunker Hill but it was a successful trip.

The CBU concert was fabulous!  Oh my goodness!  I was so happy that Roy was able to make it even though a little late due to a work event.  Even non musical Roy loved it.  When those kids come into the audience and sing, it is just a joy to hear the individual voice along with the others near by.  Afterwards, I stayed around and hugged some friends and visited.  Roy headed on home because it was fast becoming a very long day for him and 4;15 am comes very early.  

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