Thursday, July 30, 2015

Still Have Carolina Brain

The day began foggy here in the valley on a hill.  There are still a lot of birds in the backyard but the butterflies are over taking them by number and it is mesmerizing to watch their wings move in graceful ballet moves as they cover several flower bushes.  I would tell you what kind of plant it was if I knew.

Yesterday turned out to be a completely different day than planned.  Since I hadn't heard from the furniture store about chair delivery, I had made plans with Vivian to go down to their campsite and spend a little time with them. Because of a couple of phone calls, I was a little later than I had planned to leave but still within the "ish" of it. I had just gathered my things when the house phone rang.  I debated whether to take the call but when the Caller ID announced it was the furniture store, I answered.  One of the chairs I had ordered had come in and they were delivering in the area, could they deliver that afternoon?  I asked Nikki if I could call her back and tried to reach Vivian...finally I just texted her and called Nikki and said yes to the delivery.  The way she talked, I thought it was the chair for the living room and I would really like to have that with company coming...but when the delivery guys got here, it was the gray chair for Roy's bonus room.  Long story short, the other chair will be here next week.  The fabric I had picked was back ordered thus adding to the time frame.  This chair was ordered in May but I am happy to buy made in America furniture and knowing it would be built to my order, it would take additional time.  If I had known it was the gray chair, I would have gone on to Girl's Day with Vivian.  It made for a long day but it was not wasted. I took care of several little things that I have needed to do since getting here and I did the all important prepare for the fall front porch sitting by getting the plaid throws we bought last year out of the packaging and into a handy dandy basket.

I was even so mature yesterday with Buddy.  Cats like to paw and meow at you in the night and because Buddy has trained me so well, I turn over so she can sleep on my arm. So, turn about is fair while she slept yesterday I would tap her on the leg...she was not gracious in her response. I got a miffed meow.  I did that about five times yesterday because I am mature like that.  This can go on my list of mature actions with running outside and yelling squirrel not because of my ADD but due to the fact a squirrel might be sitting in one of the bird feeders.  Back to Buddy for a moment, she had been a little feisty of late in the middle of the night but on Monday night, she was feisty from the get go, so I did something new.  I picked her up, she fighting me all the way, and I put her in the hall and shut the bedroom door.  Somewhere I had read separation can be a good teacher for cats.  I let the door stay shut for twenty minutes and then I opened it.  Not too much later I hear her come into the room, jump up on the bed and lie down on her blanket at the end of the bed.

With the warmer months of summer here, I have been experiencing symptoms from heat. A whole lot of afib going on and exhaustion but not like what I have experienced before. I have been researching cardiologists in the area that deal with electrical issues of the heart and also waiting for some recommendations. I read an article on a medicine I am on and one of the side effects is a racing heart. I put in a call to the nurse at my Houston cardiologist's office and talked with him yesterday morning. I am going to start cutting back on the med that might be causing some of the problems and the exhaustion?  Well, it's funny because I never felt it the week that Emily was here and I should have.  I asked the nurse could it be I was eating more protein and eating my big meal of the day at noon?  Uh, yes...  So, I have adjusted my meals and protein accordingly this week and have not felt the crippling exhaustion.  I'm still making an appointment with a cardiologist here in the area just to have a doctor here.

And because hair can be just as important as heart issues...not really but sometimes it does feel that way emotionally, because the salon I have been going to called to let me know the stylist I have been seeing left to take a sabbatical from doing hair. I don't know but I got certain vibes when I saw her last that she was not too happy there, so maybe it is just a sabbatical from that particular salon. So once again I will see a new stylist there and by faith I am going to have to trust him with not only a cut but highlights.  Stevie, stylist and friend from Houston, has already prayed for an anointed appointment.I know I do not have some complicated style nor do I do much with my hair but I have had really bad cuts and highlights before and I really don't want to experience that again.  Hair grows and mine grows fast but really....

Last night before turning off the computer, I read my blog posts from last year, August-October. Wow, the month of August last year brought about great changes in our lives.  It was fun to read my thoughts about the house that we eventually purchased and re-read once again, about the kindness of God I experienced last year.  It made a definite change and of course reading about Vivian and Bill and Newfound Baptist Church. That was pretty sweet.  God has been so good!  Roy and I have been truly blessed by this past year.

When we returned last September to Houston, with a contract on a house, Roy often said I had Carolina brain when I wasn't paying attention or made a mistake on something so routine.  Yep, I still have Carolina brain, but it has been one of the best things for me. Excuse me, but I think I am needed on squirrel patrol.

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