Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Two Days...One Post

It is an overcast morning but the sun is breaking through the clouds.  The birds are out back eating and so is one very chunky chipmunk. The indigo buntings were back this morning and the bright blue of their feathers radiates an iridescent beauty.  Right now the little chirping sparrow couple are on the deck feeding each other little seeds.  Ah so cute!  I have grown to love the little birds, wrens, sparrows of all varieties, finches and of course the indigo bunting.

Last night I got this brilliant idea of how to watch the birds outside.  I moved the frame of the swing we bought several weeks ago through the yard, over the deck (I don't even want to share about that) and over the railing to the well shaded part of the yard on the other side...the other side I have rarely spent any time in.  Believe me after moving the stand, I was not able to move the swing and it will wait until another day...and by that I mean another day when the temps are much cooler than they were last night.  A couple of tree branches needs to be trimmed back too, but again...another day.  I told Roy last night what I did and he just laughed because over the years he has seen many...too many of my ideas that have been internalized for months, that now need to be done in a moment of time. I didn't have the heart to tell him another idea I have rumbling and bumbling through my mind of ideas. Maybe it's a good thing I am slicing and freezing peaches today.

Another big accomplishment yesterday, I finally found the screws for the Amish mirror stand.  Let's see, I have been looking for them since April.  They were not in the box of things that had been taken apart by the movers and I have no clear reason why they even took this apart.  Anyway, having a drill would have been better but by strength alone, I got it put together.  Guess I was feeling mighty strong after that and thought I could drag that swing stand all over creation.

And now it is Tuesday morning.  I stepped away from the computer yesterday morning and did not return, except to turn if off last night.  I had a great day in getting more projects completed as well as taking in God's creation from our porches. From my view yesterday I can now identify the two squirrels that visit our yard.  The distinction is in the tails.  I also put out the little nettle seeds that all the little birds like and apparently so do the doves. There are some young cardinals visiting the bird feeder as well.  We really need to clear out the brush on our property line but in doing so, we will discourage cardinals from visiting the feeder...what a quandary. I looked at some pictures from winter at the house and determining when fall comes and things begin their journey into dormancy, what will need to be cleared away and what to keep.  Like I have written before, even the weeds here are beautiful.

I accomplished a biggie yesterday, with the use of my hiking sticks I made it down the slope of our yard, across to a less slope area and down to our apple trees.  I usually see these from a distance.  Our liberty apple tree has two apples on it and the gold rush tree none.  I was able to look at the leaves and see I need to do more watering in between rains.  I still don't understand the fast rate of evaporation here compared to living closer to sea level.  I pulled up a trash pine tree that was piggy backing from the watering and then I made the jaunt up the slope.  Actually going up was much easier.  These hiking sticks have little springs in them that give with the slopes and angles thus making it easier for these knees to traverse the yard.  For a minute I considered moving the swing to the stand but realized that would be too much of an endeavor following my hiking expedition.  I did get the new rocking chair inside the house and by the front door but Buddy came downstairs about the time I was going to put it outside and put a damper on those plans.  Instead I worked on blackberries, getting them ready to freeze for those dull winter months when only apples seem to be the fruit of choice.  Love apples but seems like such a long season until plums, peaches, blackberries and cherries.

Ah, the indigo bunting is back at the little bird feeder...really the feeder designed for little birds.  The other day I watched a cardinal try his best to get to those seeds.  A red headed house wren just joined him.

I best be about the day.  I should be hearing something today about a furniture delivery and I'm still in the Google and fix mode for the TV.  I hardly watch it but last night I wanted to see a couple of episodes of the Simpsons and the TV would not cooperate.  Oh it all worked out since an earlier bedtime seemed to fit the ticket.

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