Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Rambling Kind of Thursday

So, we have had an exciting day...yawn...  Slowly but surely we are getting things taken care of around here and one of the things we can check off the list is, having the house pressure washed. Well, we have a bid and an appointment set. Coming from the Gulf Coast and not knowing all the ways of home maintenance in the mountains, we kind of overlooked the instruction from the  previous owner when she gave us the phone number of the house washer she used. Well, after seeing our east side of the house told us why we need to have the house pressure washed once or twice a year.

Roy and I hit the road as soon as the guy left making a brief stop at the post office and then to Zip's Car Wash. We have broken even this month on car washes. We had lunch at The Stony Knob Cafe. Delicious as always, stopped in at the vet to pick up Buddy's new food...why does food from the vet always cost a pretty penny? Then off to Sam's. Yes, I know right now everyone is so jealous. We got there before the Easter lunch prep crowd. I think we got everything on our list and then of course those unplanned list things.

I got a text from my hair stylist here yesterday letting me know she had a cancellation tomorrow and would I like the appointment? Yes! I mean as it stood I have an appointment May 18th and that being the first opening she had on the calendar. So, at first Roy was going to go with me and we planned to go early, eat breakfast and do some shopping in Biltmore Village but when I saw today that she has time to do partial highlights, he decided not to go and will stay here and get some other things marked off the to do list. There is always something to be done around here just like any home.

Michael, the one eyed cat, had a little gift for us today, a dead baby mole. As per my usual routine I stand at the edge of the yard and scan the area for sticks that could be snakes, mulch that could be a mouse or now a after determining it was safe to walk to the bird feeder...bam...Michael drops a dead baby mole in front of me. I have tired to explain to this cat we have befriended no gifts are needed...that I can't have this kind of surprise dropped in front of me because I am recovering from hip replacement surgery. Thankfully, Roy was quick to my side with a shovel to scoop this thing up and he thought about tossing it onto the gravel road area, but he felt that Michael would just go get the stupid thing and bring it back...would that be considered re-gifting? So, he traveled down the granite road and probably he was very happy to have an excuse to walk the full area since the previous owner sold her place and the new owner has not moved in, and deposited the gift there among the ruins of an old shack.

Tuesday afternoon Roy and I took out to the road for some picture taking. Well, I missed the turn we wanted and we decided why not go ahead and drive up to Hot Springs. Up is the operative word here. Soon our rolling hill drive became a steep, winding and curvy road that seemed very narrow. It did not help that Roy kept pointing out to me how high up we were and the view... I could not even afford to take my eyes off the road for one second. I was really rather nervous about the whole thing and when we were out of the cellular service area, I grew even more worried. We saw a few farms for sale and during the winter with ice and snow, you would have to be committed to cabin fever or being away from your farm for a while. Finally, we leveled off a bit only to discover we now had to go down the mountain. I was happy to see Hot Springs although we did not stop. We saw where the Appalachian Trail crosses into town and there looked to be some interesting places, an old hardware store and the outfitter store looked interesting too. We didn't get out and explore but I think we will go back. Thankfully, we returned to our home the less mountainous way. Roy didn't take any pictures but he did see a few places he would like to go back to. I would do that drive again and maybe the second time around I wouldn't be as nervous.

I started Lee Smith's autobiography the other night. She is one of my favorite southern authors. She grew up in Grundy, Virginia and I love her descriptions of the place and the people. Her writing is greatly influenced by Louis Rubin Jr, one of her professors and one of the founders of the Algonquin Press. I am reading this book slowly because it isn't very long and again, she has been for the longest time one of my favorite writers.

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