Monday, March 14, 2016

Getting Lost

The day began rather foggy both in my brain and outdoors. I think I am experiencing second day hangover from daylight savings time. We had a little bit of rain yesterday and we are supposed to have showers this afternoon.

If I had to title this past weekend I would call it the lost weekend. Not like the movies that depict lost weekends as those containing booze or drug infused activities. No, I was lost in the wonder, grace, and thoughts. Of course the lostness of the weekend accompanied my ADD perfectly as I went from project to thing to book and back. Real things did get accomplished with both suitcases put up and boxes of stuff that came back with me somewhat cleared out or put someplace out of the way. Oh there is still a ways to go but I finally feel like I made a dent into the work more than my good intentions.

Even with daylight savings time I made it to church and was even a little early. We had a great lesson in Sunday School and a wonderful time of worship in big church. I came home, ate some lunch and then finished up getting all the trash out into the can in the garage. With a few minutes of rest I headed back to church to meet friends. We went to the Asheville Community Band concert held at Asheville High School.  For those of you who have been here it is the beautiful stone structure near the entrance to Biltmore. What I saw of the inside it is just as beautiful as the outside. The concert was a hymn concert with beautiful arrangements. The first selection was the Navy Hymn which we sang many times in choir years back. Beautiful and a haunting melody. It reminded me of the arrangement of all the Armed Service songs and we also included the Coast Guard song to the arraignment when we sang it in church. In rehearsals those who had served in their particular armed service would stand up while their song was sung. No one ever stood up for the Coast Guard. So, being those fair-minded types, Peggy and I would stand when we sang their song. No we weren't in the Coast Guard but dang it, someone needed to represent. Our pastor and his wife are in the community band. We couldn't see Pastor Jeff in the saxophone section but we could see Donna in the percussion section. They even had a bagpiper for Amazing Grace. I think this is the first time I have seen a woman play a bagpipe and all decked out in her Scottish finery, she is also an bassoon player in the band. Ah bagpipes and Amazing Grace, always brings tears to the eyes. After the concert we headed out quickly or as quickly as our legs would take us to get out of the parking lot so that all the Hillary supporters could get in to hear Bill Clinton in a couple of hours. Asheville High was a happening place yesterday.

I am officially old cause I fell asleep sitting up on the couch. I always wondered how my grandparents could do that and now I know. It doesn't take talent but you need a sense of balance so your head doesn't topple over. My friend and neighbor Brenda was bringing over dinner and she volunteered to help me get the very heavy garbage can down to the road. Oh my goodness, dinner was fabulous. She brought beef tips and rice, also a pork chop in case I didn't like beef tips, carrots, spiced apples, cornbread both regular and jalapeno, black eyed peas, angel food cake with strawberries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. I have enough for dinner tonight. Wow, I am so fortunate to know all these good cooks. We had a lovely time visiting and then after eating I settled in on the couch to read. All in all a good Sunday. Also Buddy and I made up. She got really perturbed Saturday evening and was so put out with me. I gave her space and she eventually came to bed and slept on her blanket at the end but never once coming up to sleep on my arm. That works cause I get more sleep that way. She started liking me again yesterday and we are back to normal today. She has had a lot of changes the past few months so I don't blame her for acting out. I think I have found a new vet to take her to because she does not like the cat vet we have gone to previously and truthfully, I wasn't all that impressed with her either.

So like this past weekend I plan to get lost today. As we came home from the concert yesterday Velda reminded us we live in such a beautiful place. Lois talked about the beauty of the clouds and sky in these here parts. We can sense the cusp of spring with the beginnings of buds and leaves. there is much to be thankful for and so today I think I will get lost in all these kinds of things.

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