Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wrapping It Up

The end of February and the first of March has traditionally been good times for me. Last year with Alumni By Choice at Baylor and then the fun surprise party on March 1st given by Peggy and Dena at Maggiano's to celebrate this wonderful gift that filled a deep hole and healed a long time vein of periodic pain of not being able to attend Baylor way back in the day. March 1, 2013 was the day I had my heart ablation and that procedure changed my health almost instantaneously.

So now the time for my stay in Texas is winding down. The process of repacking has begun. It feels bittersweet because in spite of the circumstances that has had me here for the extended visit, it has been fun. It has been full. It has been relaxing, with intermittent workouts and PT, and redeeming. While sitting on the concrete, waiting for the ambulance to come at the CB on that chilly January 18th morning I clearly had the impression from the Lord that I would come away from this experience changed...going into my best Tramaine Hawkins voice to sing her song Changed. It's a great song. It's a long song, so when and if you have the time, go to You Tube and give it a listen. Yep, As I prepare to go back to God's Country I go back differently than with the attempted return. This is a good quote that kind of sums everything up.

Three Rules of Work
Out of clutter find simplicity
From discord find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty
lies opportunity.
Albert Einstein

Saturday, we celebrate Roy's birthday. We went out for a late lunch and then did some shopping. One of our stops was Bill's antique store. I am so happy I was finally able to visit and I didn't come away disappointed. The rest of the day was a kind of laid back time and we watched Chariots of Fire and a few other shows. I don't think I have watched this much TV in years. 

Sunday, I went to Houston's First Baptist mainly because Dena was teaching and I haven't heard her in a long time. The music and worship was outstanding! Dena and I sat on the main floor and not in our usual perch up in the balcony. Thus, I was able to see and visit with friends I wouldn't normally see on a Sunday morning. Dena's lesson was great as always. My former Life Bible Study class was so kind in giving me a CB gift card for our return trip and a coloring book and pencils. I was taken surprise, a very unexpected and pleasant surprise. 

After church Dena and I headed over to Molina's. Another great place I hadn't been able to work in the week I was supposed to be here. Their salsa has a vinegar kick to it and it is so good. I got the combo plate and had the last of my cheese enchiladas for this trip. Once I got home, I took a short nap and then Peggy came over and we picked up Emily to go to the Hymn Sing at First Methodist Westchase. It was a full evening of music with a scattering of poetry by Ragan Courtney. Four grand pianos and several soloists...I have my favorites but Lisa P brought the house down singing My God is Real. 

Monday morning I met Bev at Dish Society for breakfast. The grits there are really good. Stevie has been encouraging me to try Dish and I am glad we did. Now there is a Sephora in La Centerra, so we made a little jaunt over that way to check out all the beauty in all the land....products that is. Then it was errand running and back home to continue repacking. The evening ended on a very happy and fun note, CourtneyS and Lisa P came over. We had dinner and then watched The Bad Seed again. I can go back home knowing another one has been converted over to watching The Bad Seed and taking apart the movie bit by bit. Peggy joined us mid movie, so that was fun. She had forgotten the ending, since I think she has only seen it once on a small portable DVD player years ago.

This afternoon I met Courtney for lunch at Lupe's....my last Lupe's for a while. We had such a nice visit sitting outside so that her daughter could play in the sand and all the toys. Since returning home I have been getting things consolidated and ready to roll. Roy is bringing home Popeye's Chicken for dinner and then we might try to partially load the truck and see what kind of room we have. I think we will have more because all the spring decorations in the four storage containers will not be making the trip.

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