Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Thoughts...All Over the Place

It is one of those days when the skies are overcast, the wind chimes seem to be on the repeat cycle because of the blustery wind. The small finches and wrens must not get motion sickness because that porch swing bird feeder is a swinging and a swaying. Mostly it has been a misty kind of morning. It is good to be finished with the paper and sorting project that has been scattered throughout the house. All that is left to do is shred. Not the workout but all the papers with addresses and such on them. Better change out the recycling bag before that daunting endeavor commences. There are still stacks of books to go through and really, I don't consider stacks of books to be messy. It is a kind, warm fuzzy and cozy feeling to be surrounded by books. I just finished the book Mockingbird Next Door the story of a Chicago reporter being befriended by the Lee sisters in Monroeville. Yes, those famous sisters Harper and Alice. There have been several times where time has allowed when coming up this way via 65 that we could have taken the time to drive over to Monroeville and take in the town that Maycomb in Mockingbird is modeled on. But I had this feeling and the book confirmed it, so much of what people go looking for from the book is no longer there, well except for the courthouse. That's one of the reasons they could not film on location even in the 1960's because places no longer existed.  Now I am glad I have not made that pilgrimage and the scenes of a movie and my imagination fuel the scenery when I re-read or think about the book. Mockingbird Next Door was an interesting read but the story became rather repetitive. I was ready to move on before the author but I hung in there with her and finished the book.

The snake pictures on Facebook have seemed to calm down a bit that is until today when I saw a picture of ticks all over a snake's head. Don't like ticks or snakes but they do deserve one another.

I thought the road in front of our home was rather quiet this morning and then the news/traffic alert appeared on my phone that there was a wreck at a main intersection farther down the road and there might have been an earlier wreck since this was announced as a new wreck. Since our road is a major connector it is busy at peak times. No dump or logging trucks, just a car or truck or motorcycle every once in a while.

Today in a very unorganized way I am going through things and getting stuff gathered for our church's yard sale in April. Last year my brother said something that has stuck with me. He and I were going through antique stores when he said you don't have to keep everything. Things can come and go just like the seasons. Now deep down I think I knew that but just his saying that kind of freed up something on the inside. There are several things that just haven't worked like I thought they would up here, so why am I keeping something that doesn't work? To the pile in the garage it goes.

This morning I read where many scholars are beginning to believe that Marco Polo, of pool game fame, might not have ever been in China like his recollections in books have told us. He gave the impression he was in China for seventeen years and some think he only made it as far as Venice. There he would have opportunity to hear from travelers about that far off land and while he wrote about interpersonal things he neglected to write about major things that would have warranted attention. He gave copious notes to smaller matters, so this has tipped off scholars and those who like to research these kind of things. Very interesting. This made me think about some of my recovery time in Houston.

While recovering in Houston from surgery I happened upon an article about statement analysis and how this study of finding deceptive statements in writing, speech and actions has become a revolving and growing study. I found myself reading these articles and I declared to Roy that if I had known about this when I was younger, this is the study I would have pursued.  He thought a bit and responded, saying something I have heard him say many times over the years to me.  If I had done this just like he thinks I would have made a good lawyer, I would be so cynical and bitter and not much fun to be around. Well, that's true. It is the kind of work you could not leave at the office. I would be analyzing every conversation. Yes, that is how to make friends accuse them of lying. Even now, good ol Barry Manilow reference, I will read an article on statement analysis like the one I read today about Jodi Arias. While in Houston I received two get well/thinking of you cards on the same day. One from a person I know by name and we share mutual friends, but we are not close. Her card was so encouraging with the personal note she included. Then I opened a card from someone who would probably call me a friend but we really aren't. Used to be back in the day...Her card interesting by what she said and didn't say...pretty much the card was an official capacity card sent because we had been friends at one time. When Roy got home I read both cards to him...and said in a loud voice, with a crazy friend Debbie kind of accent, STATE-MENT-AN-AL-YSIS! I think there is some of that deception and duplicitous contained here-in this card. That's when Roy gave me the yes, yes, I know look and then gave me the you should not dwell on this look. Which I responded with my it amuses me look and I am having fun with it look. Then to make it seem like it was a learning experience I said I'm only making the observation and resulting analysis to grow...Isn't it obvious how this person feels about me to which he said, well that is old news, she hasn't like you for years.  Then we dropped it. I still like statement analysis but I'd rather fill my mind with the beauty of these back roads but you know just as a growing experience, I try to stay sharp and well informed on statement....Uh oh, statement analysis.......

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