Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Spring Blend From Trees to Coffee

From the weather report last night I gathered it would be a cloudy, overcast morning. The morning greeted us with bright rays of light and a little bit of mist off into the distance. Yesterday when leaving for The Fresh Market I noticed the buds and flowers on the plumb trees and the weeping willow that had just been weeping bare limbs was now spring green with new growth. The Japanese maple and the Bradford pear tree are pushing forth little buds of color. I spotted some yellow blooms on the forsythia in front of the porch.  We are enjoying temps that are ten degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. 

When I was in Katy I think I got to every place I wanted to eat and some of them several times but on that list was to have a steak and we never went anyplace where I would order a steak. Last night I went to Turkey Creek Cafe for dinner. Most go on Friday nights for the all you can eat fish and shrimp but I went for their steak night. This is not surprising but it was a great steak dinner. Marisa is a great owner and chef. They were offering shrimp cocktails for $4.99 and it was delicious. What Roy and I love about Turkey Creek Cafe, other than the food, is that it is local, reasonably priced and you meet a whole cast of characters, if you are fortunate. I did an early dinner since I hadn't eaten lunch but only snacked and at 4:30 the place was halfway filled. I took a small table in the back and brought along a book but I didn't get too much reading done. The food came out quickly and I was also involved with a few conversations with people across at other tables. I love that! When I was back in Katy, my official one week there, I had always thought people in that area were friendly and for the most part they are, but after a few times trying to help someone or just say something to another standing in the Target line reminded me I wasn't in Oz, I mean NC anymore. We were a motley crew having our dinner none of us dressed in our finest and we liked it that way. Two young men about high school age sat down and shared their dinner time with an older man, dressed in cover alls and a plaid shirt. At another table sat a bearded, hardworking grandfather with his looked to be 18 month old grandson. That little boy was a handful but oh so cute. I did have a heart stopping moment when the server called out to them as she cleared the table, hey, you left your gun. But it was a toy camo assault looking type of gun clearly meant for a child. The older couple sitting at a booth nearby seemed to know most in the place and we had a good conversation about boiling shrimp. The wife is allergic to shrimp but not the husband and he was taken aback when I told him about the crab seasoning that is used for boiling shrimp. He thought that boiled shrimp just tasted that way naturally. Hey, he didn't grow up fifty miles from the Gulf of Mexico and just as I have learned things from mountain people that they know just as naturally as I know about boiling shrimp. I remember the first time I went to Turkey Creek and it seemed like Marisa knew everyone and would stop by the tables and visit for a few and I was so jealous of that...but now, she comes to the table and visits and her daughter does too even if I don't sit at one of her tables.
It was a beautiful evening for front porch rocking but before I reposed on said porch I walked around a bit looking at the flowers and trees that are announcing spring. I got my hiking sticks out just to be careful and never left the asphalt. The breeze was from the south so not only did I have a great view of the cows migrating over to the part of the field closest to us but I got a good whiff.  Whew! Cows stink! Lots of cars and trucks going to and fro on Friday night. The sound of them doesn't bother me, in fact merely sitting on that porch and hearing the sound of cars just reminds me of those evenings spent on Grandma B's front porch, shelling peas or working on green beans and I am transported back for a brief moment of some very poignant and happy days. I think even as a child I knew that the time I spent with grandma was special and to be treasured. 
Thankfully Buddy did not get feisty toward morning and we were able to sleep in until nearly 8:00. The last two nights have been sleep consuming. The bonus for yesterday's early morning move to the bonus room was I Love Lucy. Even though Buddy was a happy cat to see us I think this week she is working through her adjustment back to our life. She acted out a few times and she is returning to her level of activity. I know she loved having Bill come see her everyday and I think she misses him but Russian Blue cats are known for their total dislike of change and little Buddy has had a lot of change in the past few weeks. At least she is sleeping at the end of the bed and not on my arm all night long.
The morning is moving on and there is so much to do that I better quit posting and get to working. Okay, I need breakfast first, then work. The coffee this morning is from The Fresh Market, their spring blend and it is good! 

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