Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Moving or On The Banks of The Promised Land

A year ago yesterday we arrived to occupy the house we bought in NC. We were several days away from the movers arriving but we had a place to sleep and a couple of chairs to sit upon while we waited. Granted, we had a lot happening on those preparation days. Last minute things to take care of concerning our new home. It was a bittersweet goodbye for now to long time friends and the vastness of new adventures daunted my courage at least once or twice a day. But we knew this was the best thing and God's hand print was all over the move. Now a year out from that exciting day and I am more convinced than ever this was the path to take. Really, there are four seasons and circumstances beyond my control caused me to miss the depth of winter, which might not have been a bad thing. Even when you come out of Walmart, there is beauty to behold by the surrounding mountains. We love our mountain church and the people in it. I especially love my friends in my Sunday School class where I felt welcomed from moment one. God graciously gifted me with a good friend, no make that a great friend, before we even lived here in Vivian and her husband Bill. Bill is Buddy's cat whisperer. My long love of history is satisfied here as I learn about the area and surrounding counties and places nearby. I have picked up where my mother left off in her legacy of bird watching. Now if only I could find her green thumb in me...well, at least I have her appreciation of flowers and trees and birds. I have also found myself thinking to myself several times as we have traversed around the countryside her famous words on any car trip, "Can we see it from the car?" Of course I fight that thought many a time and get out of the truck and go and see. Yet there are times observation from the truck is good too.

This past year there has been a lot of learning on the job. There are many good things from having friends visit and there are some downsides too, that is especially if there is little down time between guests and needing to get the house ready again. Thankfully, my friends as they've departed have helped tremendously and there is that much needed alone time that refills my tank. A warning to those who come, I am not drawn to the kitchen much except for snacks and drinks. It is good that most of my friends are excellent cooks or love to eat out or can eat fruit and cheese trays as dinner.

Another aspect of learning is those things that bugged me in Houston don't have to be and should not be in the forefront of my thoughts. Beth Moore said it perfectly a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and Facebook, "Discouragement is Satan's way of killing our calling so slowly we won't realize we're dying. It's death by disappointment a day at a time. Discouragement is a test. We can sit and sulk or we can throw open our Bibles, believe God and get our fight back on. Press through. The win is coming." I think in Houston I wasn't about sitting and sulking, it was about sitting and analyzing. Which for me, just leads to cynicism and that is not a good place for me just as my fearless zone is not a good place on the opposite end of the spectrum. This place here and now has been a healing place and after the extended stay in Houston to recoup from having a hip replaced, I saw it truthfully for what the discouragement is, the source and learning to move on and there was a sense, no evidence of closure for me by the mediation of a friend, who didn't have a dog in the show but was brave enough to be obedient to what the Lord asked her to do. I will be forever grateful to Darlene. I am living on the hill of Mizar, Psalm 46, and loving the view after several years of discouragement.

This past year has been one of the best years but I have to be honest with you there was a period of discouragement that resulted in a meltdown. It was a series of things that converged at a pivotal time. It was also at that time that nature i.e. snakes and raccoons and the like decided it was time to make an appearance or two or more.

From March 28, 2015 until now I have seen and experienced the kindness of God and I don't think the kindness of God is a one year warranty.

Ironically, Roy and I are closer than ever before and we both are more appreciative of one another.

I guess naturally I would think in terms of a one year anniversary but a friend is making a huge move today, that has been several months in the process. I don't care how organized you think you are or what you think you have learned in all your moving, we are never quite prepared as well as we need to be on moving day. Roy and I have helped her in her last two moves and it feels kind of strange not being involved as much in the process or the big day. My hip is probably thanking me that we are not involved in the big day or the week before the big day. We have texted and emailed and this morning as I was finishing up that last email of encouragement, Acts 17:28, that we live and MOVE and exist in Him came to mind. God is a moving God and we need to go with Him even when it is hard or difficult or when it is fun or easy.  My friend has done just that, her life shaken up, movement and change which has been so good for her. The status quo was comfortable and not too shabby but there comes that time just like Epaphras shook up his life and remained with Paul while Paul was imprisoned in Rome instead of returning home. May she find joy and contentment on the hill of Mizar.

Well, speaking of moving, I guess I'd best be about the day....

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