Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday Chatter That Doesn't Matter

Well the snake posts keep a coming on Facebook. Guess it is that time of year when a young man's heart turns to love but his eyes are on the watch for a snake or two...or twenty five as one young man proudly posted with pictures of the rattlers he cleaned out of his deer blind. I cannot help but wonder when someone posts a beautiful scenery picture of the mountains and lakes, just how many snakes are lurking about in that picture? We have been ever diligent as we have worked out in the back and thankfully so far we haven't seen a spring snake and hope to make that a truth for all the seasons.

We have been busy at times around here but we have also taken a laid back approach to things. The new washer and dryer were delivered and what a blessed change in doing laundry. The nicest brothers delivered them. While I was gone for most of the time they were here Roy was able to observe and learn all about installation. I had taken Buddy to the new vet and hopes of a mani/pedi faded because Buddy was way too feisty. This vet office is very into the comfort of the pet which I liked. She gave me some calm pills and I was to give her one several hours before we went back on Monday. It made a huge difference but I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with the fact that I would have to be on alert for two more nights with the long nails being ever so present. On Monday we had a roofer come and fix some shingles on the south side of the house. Tomorrow we have a guy coming to give us an estimate on getting the house pressure washed. Meanwhile we have taken care of those regular chores that need to be done and yet I am happy that Roy is able to unwind and relax a lot.

This morning my friend Brenda came over with an iced pound cake for Roy. What a nice surprise and happily he shared, well he has so far. It is delicious and it was perfect for dessert after we had our lunch. Roy has been marinating baby back ribs and he grilled them today. They were delicious!

Hallelujah! Christine at Wink had a cancellation on Friday, so I will be able to get my hair cut and maybe highlighted. Her first open appointment when I called was May 18th. I think Roy is going to tag along. We will go early and eat breakfast or lunch and do some shopping in the Biltmore Village area. Good thing he has lots of books on his iPad.

The temps have warmed up quite nicely here. We had a couple of nights below freezing but the good news is it didn't damage the peach or apple trees. We even had snow Sunday night. It fell in huge flakes but melted as soon as it hit the ground or roof. The moon was especially brilliant and I attempted pictures from the front bedroom window. The blooming pear trees actually looked like snow covered trees against the steel gray of the sky. It was quite the optical illusion. Our plum trees have bloomed brilliantly and hopefully that means we will have a decent plum crop this year.

Well, I'm off to other things but it had been a while since I had last updated anything....

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