Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Day Awaits

Yesterday I saw a baby robin and just a few minutes later a blue bird enjoy the newly freshened birdbath water. Those robins are enthusiastic as they flap and flit to cover themselves in as much water as possible. The same could be said for the blue bird and all that enthusiasm of life kept the smaller birds hanging around and waiting their turn. This morning the cardinals are back so word must be getting out in bird world that free eats are back.

We are enjoying spring like days and the renewal of life is showing itself with a few buds on trees and daffodils poking through and raising their yellow and white flower heads to the sun. Underneath the red bud tree, crocus flowers are making their appearance. I had no idea what kind of flowers they were but friends confirmed the picture I put out on Facebook. Yes, in all that gray landscape of sun bleached mulch, dirt and the remaining dormancy of winter the purple flowers made a grand entrance into the long awaited and heralded spring season. Mike the Mower Man has done a fabulous job of creating a beautiful path for rain water to flow where it needs to go around the house but underneath the deck, where every living creature in all the earth congregates at some point during the year. Truly it seems to be an underground railroad of sorts. The river rocks creating the path add to the backyard tier. It looks like Jennifer, our horse neighbor above us, has moved. I had seen that the property had been taken off the market and with some added research I found that the house and eight acres is under contract. She and her boyfriend, man friend or whatever she called him weren't around much after October last year and I knew they must have moved on when the ever closed gate with them is now forever open as workmen come and go. Hopefully who ever has purchased the property will be a bit easier to communicate with and a little more friendly. I will miss Marilyn the dog. Marilyn is a beautiful Australian Sheep Dog.

Last night I was happy to find our cable package we have included the FX station that has The People vs OJ Simpson, so I watched it, even though I'm in the ETZ and the show came on at 10:00. Back when the trial was must see TV and my tennis friends and I would be glued to the TV while we ate our lunch at the club. Usually, until something is pointed out specifically, we take in the big picture of what is happening and not a closed in view. Last night the episode really highlighted how hard it was on Marcia Clark's personal life being the lead prosecutor.

As reported in Vanity Fair,Nina Jacobson, one of the producers of American Crime Story, said that the episode is "a portrait of a working woman struggling in a man’s world that is as poignant as anything you will see."


Now it is Thursday. Since Buddy went all feisty in the middle of the night and sleep became hard to come by so I have scraped my plans for today which is really fine since there is still so much to be done around here. In the midst of putting things away I am also cleaning out things which was to be one of my projects for the cold winter months of January and February. Pantry cleaned out and one closet so far. And I feel certain I can put away flannel shirts and the like but this warm weather we are having is a little early and there is always the chance for normal or below normal temps to return. It is not like it is time to pull out the spring and summer linens, capris and the like just yet.

I needed a little break from the work here and of course the ADD that goes along with the work. I thought about Waynesville or going to the Biltmore but decided to head north to Johnson City TN. When Roy cleaned out the freezer in the garage, he threw away all the freeze packs so what a great Academy excuse even though you can buy these anywhere. I also went to a couple of other stores and then headed back toward home. On the way back I stopped in to see Vivian and had a lovely time on her back porch.

Well the day awaits....

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